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Author: Morgan Callan Rogers

Publisher: Blue Rider Press / PLUME

ISBN: 9780147517043.

Bud and Florine were made for each other from an early age. A storybook wedding and a family that loves and nurtured by of them their life together starts out on a positive note as they begin their journey. But, something stirs within Florine and she cannot come to task or grip with the fact that her mother disappeared from her life and never came back. Going out with a friend and not returning she wonders years later and on her wedding day why. Married to her sweetheart Bud a young man who adores her and his family that accepts her and more. Friends gathered, her best friend Dottie her maid of honor even agreeing to wear a dress for the occasion, Florine walks down the aisle and greets her groom.

Florine is having a baby and her movements are clumsy and awkward even as she says her vows. But, Arlee June is born and their life becomes hectic but the inner turmoil within her and the fire that burns to find out what happened to her mother will not die.

Months go by and Arlee becomes more of a handful and then a mysterious note appears that she thinks was sent by Bud. When she shows it to him he becomes angry and then things start to change all around. Her father’s girlfriend gets violent and disappears. Her sister badgers them to move their boat and their car. Moving to another city might lessen the tension but Florine thinks about Carlie and will not leave until she finds out why she left as she remembers her on the anniversary of the day she disappeared. 

With Bud offered a job in another town, Arlee walking and hoping that her best friend comes with her Florine is still torn, does not really want to move and live in a trailer and her life comes apart as Stella returns, tries to make amends but Florine would rather they remain apart. However, things start to deteriorate as Bud remains away for long periods of time, Florine is left to take care of not only her daughter but her newborn son, Travis too, facing Stella once again and dealing with feeling alone. Bud, getting drunk and working a long distance away, his sisters helping with the children but another note comes and Florine enlists the help of the sheriff hoping to learn more about her mother.

The author brings to light the issues of family love, friendships, loyalties and trust and faith. Lives change at times and feelings and trust become an issue as Bud shows his adolescent side when Florine comes in contact with a nurse at a local hospital that happens to be her cousin. Robin and Florine form a bond and Bud begins to feel left out, jealous deciding to control her movements, take away her joy and creates a rift that just might not be able to be repaired. But, Robin provides a link to her mother Carlie, family members that might help her learn what happened to her and letters that appear to be from someone close to Carlie but who sent them and why? Differences alight, relationships fall apart, family ties are severed and Florine finds herself shifting back and forth from The Point her home and Stoughton Falls where Bud works. Feeling that his life is going nowhere and Florine wanting to get her GED in order to get a job with benefits and more money, they seem to be drifting apart. Grace and Stella go at it and her children are placed in danger but what Florine does during the confrontation will endear you to her even more. 

This is a story about forgiveness, self-worth, understanding and two people that got married for what they thought were the right reasons but were they? Children’s lives hanging in the balance, her fear about what happened to her mother hanging over her head and a harsh realization and dramatic surprise when she learns the truth. A man named Edward Barrington came to talk with Florine and explain his actions from the past just what his connection was to her mother was a surprise to her and her attitude towards him hostile. With her mother-in-law, Ida setting the tone for the discussion things was revealed but Florine would not relent. 

As the truth behind the letters and her mother’s death comes to light you won’t believe what really happened to her and its up to you the reader to decide whether true justice was served. One young teen named Maureen who set about helping the Pastor recover from an illness, helping with her children and another teen not ready for motherhood, the ending the author creates is bittersweet and quite sad in some respects. Will Bud and Florine remain together and in The Point? What will her final destination be? Bud and Florine: their love will it always be: Written on their hearts?