Author: Kathleen Brush

ISBN:  978-1-47938-045-9

Kathleen Brush, author of The Power of One, (2012, p.295) has a Ph.D. in Management and International Studies. She writes regularly on the topics of global enterprises and business. Her prior book was titled The World Made Easy. Ms. Brush has extensive executive level experience at dozens of organizations, public and private. Her specialties are global business, strategy, and leadership. To learn more about her and her impressive credentials please visit her website at

Have any of you an idea of what a “skill-equipped boss” is? (2012, p.8) Ms. Brush defines that as “…a boss who knows how to create and execute plans that can’t lose-…knows how to inspire employees.” And then she goes on to state that this type of boss is “…prepared to manage the myriad of issues that arise from working within am organizational system, filled with interdependent departments, which is regularly affected by local and non-local industry and environmental forces.”

No doubt Ms. Brush wants to place the right people into the right positions such that organizations can reap the rewards of good leadership and happy, motivated employees. I totally agree that if we have a mismatch of skills and qualities the outcome of any plan is dubious at best. As an example of a super mismatch Ms. Brush states “…brilliant engineers land in management all of the time…they don’t have the skills that are required to be a leader.” (2012, p.12) Know anyone like this? I certainly do.

Quality leadership is but one component of creating a good and lasting organization. Motivation of employees is a critical component to keeping the business alive and moving in the right direction day to day. Communication is the backbone of management and leadership, without that skill any boss will be ineffective. Today’s work landscape requires managers and leaders to be adept at communicating in a variety of platforms and not just speaking as this is how they transmit their skills. Is communication your strong suit?

The Power of One touches on many factors, from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the five cultural dimensions of Geerdt Hofstede and into the depths of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, that must come together to create a good and effective leader. If you want to learn more read it. I enjoyed it and believe you will too!

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