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Author: Kelly Moss

ISBN: 13: 978-0982134016

Publisher: Palmary Press

Every child loves to receive a special gift for the holidays. Christmas and Chanukah are both special times of the year and children of every race and religion love opening those hand picked and specially bought gifts they receive from friends or relatives. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I could not agree with that more. There are so many ways that people give gifts to children, adults, organizations and more. But, I bet you did not know that there is a secret club that you need to be inducted in before you can join. I bet that you did not know that there are so many people in this world that give of themselves in so many ways that we all them very special Santa’s. Santa Claus can be your parents, the baker, your teacher, a King or Queen or just the man next door. Author Kelly Moss with the help of outstanding illustrator Jim Keserich takes us on a journey into the past and helps the reader understand the true meaning of what giving and being a Santa really is and why anyone can be your very own SECRET SANTA. But, first there are some important rules to follow if you too want to become a real member of the Santa Club.

As their newest member I will tell you some of the important facts that you need to learn and remember. You have to promise not to tell anyone what you have learned and never divulge the information in this book to another child unless they are old enough to ask two very important questions: Is There Really A Santa? Is Santa Real? Now, I am not going to give away the answers to these questions. After reading my review of The Santa Club and the information that I think will help you become a member of this club too, then you will definitely be able to figure out the answers to these very important questions yourself. This is an exclusive club made up of people who love to give gifts to others. All over the world there are millions of Santas. Most do not even know that they belong to this club or that they are considered a Santa. It all began with St. Nicholas the very first Santa Claus a happy and kind man who wore a red suit. In order to understand how he became our first Santa we need to go back in time and learn about Jesus. Jesus was born a long time ago. People go to church to learn more about him in a book called the Bible. God loves Jesus and he brought him to be with you on this earth. God gave you Jesus as a gift and he gave you him as a gift too.

Christmas is when many children celebrate his birthday and receive gifts. He gave us the gift of giving and in return St. Nicholas gave us gifts too. Children love to receive gifts during the holiday season. Whether you receive them on Christmas, or as I do on Chanukah or just for your birthday or special occasion the person that gave it to you is considered or called your Santa. So, when St. Nicholas became the first Secret Santa and gave presents to the poor is when this very selective and exclusive club called The Santa Club was formed. But, before you are allowed to become a member there are several things you must promise. First, you have to be inducted into the club by asking one or both of these very important questions: Is there a Santa Claus and Is Santa Claus Real? But, before you can become an official and real member of this club you have to read the entire book with an adult, promise never to tell anyone what you have learned, read what your responsibilities are and then answer the questions. Remember: You cannot tell anyone the answers to these questions unless your mother, father, grandparent or an adult tells you that it’s okay. You have to promise to read this book with an adult or guardian and not alone. So, are you ready to become a member of The Santa Club? Look at the illustrations at the beginning of the book and see all of the different people that are considered to be Santas. I might celebrate Chanukah but even I know the answers to these questions and I enjoy giving gifts for both Christmas and Chanukah. So, I hope the author of this outstanding book will allow me to become a member of the Santa Club too.

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