is pleased to have as our guest today Monty Silverstone author of Forever Lasts till Dawn.

Monty, known to many as the father of famed actress and bestselling author Alicia Silverstone, was himself a child actor who progressed to film and stage, and experienced life fully as a boxer, owner of three restaurants, owner of race horses, highly successful real estate broker, boat captain, and acting school teacher.

Norm: Good day Monty and thanks for participating in our interview

What motivated you to write  
Forever Lasts till Dawn and how did you decide you were ready to write the book?

Monty:After a fun visit to a palmist. I was surprised when she told me some past and future predictions that were true. The final prediction was that I would write a best seller. twelve years later I Forever Lasts till Dawn was born. This remains to be seen. The reason why it took so long, was time and work. I had written other books and was still acting and teaching. These years later. Here we are.

Norm: How did you decide on the title,
 Forever Lasts till Dawn and what does it mean?

Monty: Originally had ten other titles in mind. Choosing the right one took me weeks. There are many ways to interpret the title. My version is Tomorrow never comes. Nothing is forever. In the book this is proven many times over.

Norm: Did you find that your experiences as an actor came in handy in writing the book and if so, how?

Monty: Yes as a child actor, and watching my daughter from the age of four show talent then living in Hollywood for a number of years.

Norm: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Monty: Anyone living in a free country can succeed even though they are poor. From rags to riches is a familiar story.

Norm: What was the most difficult part of writing your book?

Monty:Writing the book by hand was easy, although it took 18 months. It was the changes and getting my secretary to type them numerous times. After that was the publishing and the promotions.

Norm: What do you think makes a good story?

Monty: Any book that is a page turner. Truth is stranger that fiction.

Norm: How did you go about creating the characters of Aleca Rabinovitch and Sarah Brodsky? As a follow up, how much of the book is based on your life events?

Monty: These are just fictitious characters. Many of the other characters in the novel are based on real people. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Norm: What is your relationship with your daughter Alicia and what kind of things do you two do together?

Monty: As you know, Alicia is a very busy person. Even so we see her and the family quite a lot considering. In fact she is coming to RSF next week and we are going on holiday together in September.

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you?

Monty: The bio in the book, and you can Google me.

Norm: What is next for Monty Silverstone?

Monty: Teaching actors of all ages drama and comedy.

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors

Monty: Thank you Norm.

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