Author: Michelle Cooper
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN: 978-0-375-85865-9

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This is the second in the series: The Montmaray Journals.  The first book was called, A Brief History of Montmaray, about a royal family in living in a fictious island country near the British coast.  The first book gives a history of the family with a lot of sharp and clever remarks by the heroine, Princess Sofia and an exciting climax, when German fighter planes attacked
the island kingdom in 1936.  Princess Sofia and her family were forced to flee to England to live with her Aunt Charlotte.

Sophie and her siblings, King Tobias (then Prince), and Princess Henrietta (nicknamed Henry), discover themselves in the middle of a lifestyle that they had only seen in their dreams.  Aunt Charlotte decides that Sofie should make her debut into English Society, going to dances and dressing in fabulous gowns.  But, Sophie is not getting any pleasure from these events because she is worried about the fate of her home (Montmaray) and wondering about the kingdom's future.  She writes in her Journal daily about her family and their lives in exile.  Her cousin Veronica, who is daughter of the former King, who is deceased and Simon Chester, who is the son of the King's former housekeeper and also the illegitimate son of the King.  The family is trying to think of a way to reclaim Montmaray and getting away from German rule.  Brother Tobias, who will become King when he reaches the age of eighteen, is doing his level best to be thrown out of school, Henry is trying to drive her new governess insane, and Aunt Charlotte wants to marry Sophie off by the end of the debutante season.  As the festivities go on there is much trouble in Europe as there is a war in Spain and Germany threatens to take over all of Europe.  Certainly, no one wants a second world war especially this family as with war all over Europe, who will even remember their tiny island kingdom.
In this second book of struggles of the Fitzosbourne's, the author lets us get a quick look into the life of 1930's English Society; A glimpse of a nation preparing for war and trying to avoid getting involved and a young girl of royal lineage trying to find a place for herself and her family to call home. 

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