Dr. Eva M. Selhub is an avid advocate of Mind/Body Medicine. She is the founder of Alight Medicine for Learning and Healing in Newton Massachusetts and is also a clinical instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. She has been featured in national publications and in medical journals.

Love heals. Dr. Eva Selhub’s book, The Love Response, proves it to be true. Learn how to reserve everyday fears into love. Discover how to calm and soothe the spirit, a helpful self-help guide to a healthy mind with a wonderful bedside manner and useful tips. Dr. Selhub teaches you to move smoothly with life’s changes rather than resisting them. She shares her wisdom, her life experiences, and how she learned the antidote to stress and fear is love.

Controlling your emotions is the recipe to diminish all fears, worries, and stress. She helps guide readers to the most precious gift of all, how to control fears. She walks us through the secret of health and well-being. An excessive amount of fear becomes a problem if it occurs for too long. The Love Response includes various exercises and testimonies to help further explain how to banish fear and stress from your life. The simple act of replacing feelings with graciousness and love will enhance both your physical and mental health. Practicing important techniques such as the SHIELD and the Love Pyramid will aide you in the healing process.

Dr. Eva does a superb job at guiding you in the right direction. She fully explains the science behind being fearful and covers what symptoms to look out for such as: insomnia, tense muscles, and shallow breathing. She also gives you the tools to overcome the poison that causes these symptoms. A few questionnaires help assess how fear is controlling your life and an explanation to why the Fear Response acts as a warning system.

Let’s face it; life can get a little stressful. If you’re feeling helpless, overwhelmed, or simply overtaken by anxiety or stress, this book was written for you. Let Dr. Eva Selhub teach you your own ability to heal and how to activate the Love Response rather than letting the Fear Response overtake your life. Invite peace to your mind. Restore your inner-self. Allow the Love Response to be part of your life. Your body and mind will thank you.

 A worthwhile great read!

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