Author:  Collette Jackson-Fink
ISBN:  978-1-4327-9945-8
Publisher:  Outskirts Press Inc.

Daughters of Twilight is a contemporary fantasy novel about a pyramid that mysteriously appears and a special tactical team that is sent in to investigate.  There is a history behinds these sightings and it is not as surprising as you might think.  When sent in to infiltrate, the men get more than they bargained for and in the end, not everything is at it appears to be.

I love the title of the story.  Daughters of Twilight gives you the impression of a paranormal genre that is sure to entertain you.  You think it is about the usual vampires but it is much more than that and it will surprise you.  The plot is exciting and the storyline has all the components of a paranormal but set in contemporary times.  Although the point of view shifts between characters, the story is well written and delivers a supernatural spin on what typical army teams are not used to facing.  When you are faced with something out of this world, how are you supposed to react?  Nothing can train you for coming up against something that doesn't appear to be human.

There is a lot of profanity throughout the story so if you are okay with that, then you will enjoy the story.  The characters are often seen getting aggressive with each other, while they try to figure out what is happening.  No one is comfortable dealing with the unusual situation that seems to be out of their control.

There is a lot of dialogue that seems to inundate the story.  The action is spread out through the story with a lot of verbal interaction with the characters, which contributes to their development.  The author really knows how to portray the different personality types in the story.  The reader starts to fall in love with the people who are trying to help the girls.

As you read the story, you realize that there is an underlying theme going on and maybe what the army personnel have been told was a cover up.  The main character tries his best to figure out what the company has been hiding because if he doesn't do anything, the girl's lives could be in danger.  What was made out to be a danger to society, may turn out to be an espionage of huge proportion.

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