Author: Susan Liberty Hall

Publisher: Inkwell Productions

ISBN: 978-1-939625-67-0

An Impassioned Plea

That’s what this book is. It’s an impassioned plea to the reader suffering from cancer, or any other ailment for that matter, to make an honest effort to sensitize himself/herself as to what really is happening in his/her body and take concrete steps based on one’s own observations, instead of blindly following the sterile advice doled out by an unfeeling member of the medical fraternity.

The author has had ample cause for concern. Two of her closest relatives, her mother and her most beloved brother (to whom this book is dedicated) had fallen victims to the marauding effects of that dreaded disease, cancer. So when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to try out a novel method used by the Native Americans called the Two Feathers Healing Formula and administered by a Native American professional called. Rob Roy”. In addition, she continued the use of the Young Living Essential Oils that had proved efficacious for her earlier and modified her diet to include more organic fruits and vegetables.

Whatever course you (the reader) choose, you have my purest and sweetest blessing...But if you have the evidence of broken lives and death and devastation, of those who have not been helped by conventional medicine, then you are the ones I need to reach...Please accept responsibility for your own illness and be responsible for your own healing.”

True to the claims made by Robert Roy, the author’s tumours began to dry and fall off. Her AMAS cancer indicator scores began to fall and presently she was declared cancer free. Her beloved brother Jerry, who was diagnosed at the same time as the author, and who chose to try conventional chemotherapy was not so lucky. Jerry transitioned in Feb. 2013.

This book is a light but very passionate read. It documents vividly the pitfalls of modern medicine as it is practiced today, the Mafia like stronghold created by medical fraternities against deviations in treatment protocol, the financial nexus with drug companies and their focus on profit and the witch hunting they can resort to, when confronted by resistance to their sterile shibboleths.

The intransigent attitude of the conventional medical fraternity is also shared by naturopathic physicians as experienced by the author. She also mentions, however, two conventional doctors who were willing to go against the grain of accepted therapy and support her own stance in finding a relatively inexpensive and more holistic treatment.

This book could be considered a publicity campaign of the healing efficacy of the two methods mentioned above, if the intention of the author did not arise out of a heartfelt desire to help her fellow wo/men suffering the same affliction. The emotional nature of the text leaves no room for doubt of deep schisms in the medical community as regards chemotherapy among other issues. This issue has been discussed among others, in the series “The Future of Western Civilization” by Dr. Nicholas Beecroft.

Warmly recommended.