Follow Here To Purchase My Funny Valentine: America's Most Hilarious Writers Take On Love, Romance, and Other Complications

Editor: Lin Robinson and Karla Telega

ISBN: 978-1936955046

Publisher: Bauu Institute (November 30, 2011)

So, I’m a total romantic except when I am not. I love presents, celebrating birthdays, giving and getting presents and of course going out for that one special romantic dinner when your spouse can keep his/her eyes awake after complaining they work too hard that day and need to be in bed before 6. Take a whole bunch of writers, authors, humorists, columnists, and some that even appear on the stage making people laugh for a living and what do you have, one hilariously funny book filled with stories that will definitely make you smile, laugh until you have tear rolling down your eyes and remind you that Valentine’s Day is not just another day to remember.

It’s when we celebrate love, understanding, friendship and just being lucky enough to have someone in our lives. Karla Telega and Linton Robinson who managed to get so many writers to take on one of the hardest subjects around LOVE and create a book of stories that everyone should read edited my Funny Valentine.

The first story, Married-So Very Married by Joan Oliver Emmer gets the reader’s interest right away. Not remembering to get a card, nor caring about whether she remembers birthdays and hardly if ever remembering to buy or grab a card. When Gregg Podolski categorizes men into two categories this hits home. Explaining how to handle the two different types of men and when and why they buy their specific gifts.

Viewpoints, slants, jokes and much more and how people view Valentine’s Day to appreciate their significant others and explain away why some remember some don’t. There are so many entries but I will select the ones that I can identify with and the rest you have to read on your own. Imagine searching for Valentines that are not in boxes or packages of six. Learning the true history behind the name Valentine. Just read A Comedy of Eros to learn more.

There are stories about men who forget the day all together and pay the ultimate price and you can guess what that is. The story about Playing Valentine’s Day by the rules and comparing it to a sports game was hysterical. The penalties alone should tell any guy that they need to read the play book before the starting whistle is blown. In this case, it’s football and before the ref tosses the ball and decides who gets it, you better have your offense and defense planned or the final penalty could leave you out in the cold. The Candy Hearts are quite unique and I think I might have some slogans of my own. Twice a Year was my favorite since having been to the person she went to for the same thing I can tell you I feel the same way about this visit.  Dorothy Rosby offers you some great verses to help create you own card for that special day. Of course the Valentine’s Day Report Card says it all and the grading system is priceless. Remember: You do not want to be given a grade of needs improvement or worse: Below Level.

Let’s continue with the “Be my Valentine”: Let Us Count the Ways by Kate Heidel followed by More Effective than eHarmony by Sarah Garb which is definitely great. Giving love advice from the experts: Third graders. Now just listen and learn: Read the note she received from one of her students.  Finally, Nip it in the Rosebud by one of our editors Karla Telega giving all of those men and women out there the warning signs to watch out for before plunging into a serious Valentine’s relationship.

Forty authors and each story, poem or verse so funny you need to read them for yourself to appreciate the humor, sarcasm, straight talk and hilarity in this book. My favorite story is Five Things I will Not Be Doing on Valentine’s Day to “Please my Man by Blythe Jewell.  I won’t be cooking an elaborate meal either. Nor will anyone get my chocolates.  The cartoons, poems and biographies are great and enlightening allowing the reader to get to know the contributors but the one that I think is really the fantastic is Valentine Day’s Hunk. Join the Hunk of the Month Club and I don’t think you will be disappointed. Read the testimonials to learn more. This is one must read book for every guy that has ever forgotten: LOVE MEANS: DON’T FORGET THE DAY! This book is told straight from each and every author’s Valentine Heart.


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