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Author: Jenepher Field

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6929-1

Watch Where You Step is the story of a busy professional couple who did anything but slow down when they decided to retire. If the story of their courtship and marriage was any indication, they weren’t destined to be the kind of retirees who played bridge and golf once a week and read novel after novel on the beach or various cruise ships, anyway.

Jenepher and her husband Louis embarked on an ambitious plan to keep themselves busy retiring to something, doing exhaustive research on what it would take to build and run a pet boarding business in their rural Washington state home. They traveled to trade shows, interviewed other small business owners and discussed plans for buildings and services they could offer. Despite the fact that most of their friends and family didn’t take these plans seriously, they pushed ahead and established the business with a few hitches along the way.

Jenepher tells a story full of humor and unanticipated adventures, following her path and Louis’ as they work to determine which of them is best suited for which tasks. Their lives are busy from morning to night learning lessons about what it takes to own and run your own business. While Jenepher cautions the reader that this is most certainly NOT a how-to book, there are definitely some helpful tips to be gleaned from the reading as well as a general idea of what it must be like to be married to someone who has no intention of slowing down.

There are moments in the book that could benefit from more emotion. If the author had shown more of her vulnerability during some of the difficult times she endured, it would have lent the book more richness and depth. That said, the story of this unique couple who saw retirement as an opportunity to reinvent their lives is endearing and believable.

About the Author: Jenepher Field was born and raised in New Zealand and was educated in New Zealand, England, and the United States. She holds degrees in history, applied behavioral science, and clinical psychology and has worked in bookstores and libraries, as a technical editor, as a secretary, and as a mental health counselor. Her longest-term job has been that of wife and mother.

Jenepher is married to Louis Field, a native of Kansas. After extensive education in the States and abroad, Louis settled into an orthopedic surgery practice in Washington State, where he and Jenepher would later establish Sagemoor Kennels. Jenepher has had a lifelong passion for the written word and at every opportunity she writes poetry and short stories, and she is working on two historical novels.

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