Kari O'Driscoll

Reviewer Kari O'Driscoll: Kari is a non-fiction writer whose work has appeared online at BuddhaChickLife.com, ElevateDifference.com,and BlogHer.com. She maintains a blog at The Writing Life where she writes about parenting, her unique spiritual journey, and life in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently working on a memoir of a two-month trip to Europe with two toddlers and is an avid reader and cook.

 Articles by this Author

Authors: Jen Marlowe and Martina Davis-Correia with Troy Anthony Davis

ISBN: 978-1-60846-294-0

Author:  Karen Kataline, MSW

ISBN-10: 0-9859679-0-0

Author:  Laura S. Kastner, Ph.D. with Kristen A. Russell

ISBN-13: 978-0-9830128-5-6

Publisher: ParentMap dba Gracie Enterprises

Author: Evan Handler

ISBN: 978-0-7867-5478-6

Author: Shoba Narayan

ISBN: 978-0988415799

Author: Claire Wineland with Chynna Bracha Levin

ISBN: 978-0-9836406-7-7

Author:  B. Morrison

ISBN: 978-1-934074-65-7

Author: Daniel J. Goldstone

ISBN: 978-1-60047-783-6

Author: Jay Neugeboren

ISBN: 978-1-937512-02-6

Author:  Jeffrey Blount

ISBN: 978-0-9857627-0-4

Author:  Susannah Cahalan

ISBN: 978-1-4516-2137-2

Author: Michael Solomon

ISBN: 1463749554

Author:  Meghan Rowland and Chris Turner-Neal
ISBN-10: 1-4405-3365-2
Publisher: Adams Media

Author: Wendy McClure

ISBN: 1594487804

Author: Ty Bollinger

Publisher: Infinity 510 Squared Partners

ISBN: 0-9788065-0-6

Author:  Deborah Calla

ISBN: 978-0-615-58378-5

Author: Jennifer L. Hartstein, Psy.D.

ISBN: 1-4405-2795-4

Author: Jenepher Field

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6929-1

Author:  Sherry Roberts

ISBN: 978-0-9638880-6-8

Publisher: Osmyrrah Publishing

Author: Laura Schaefer


Publisher: Smashwords

Author: Laura Schaefer

ASIN: B005I5NA72

Publisher: Smashwords

Author:  Laura Schaefer


Publisher: Smashwords

Author:  John-Manuel Andriote

ISBN: 978-1-61364-678-6

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

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