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Reviewer Jennifer Andrew is Freelance Writer and Reviewer. Jennifer is an avid reader who loves to read every type of book, giving all of the fiction and non-fiction books a chance. Her favorite categories are fantasy, mystery drama, romance mystery, science fiction, philosophy, psychology, new age and selective self-help books. She enjoys promoting a good book when she reads one and hopes everyone feels the same joy that she did in reading it.

 Articles by this Author

Author:J.C. Valentine
ISBN:  9781501020391

Author:  Ed Gorman
ISBN:  9781494894726
Publisher:  Genius Book Publishing

Author:  Collette Jackson-Fink
ISBN:  978-1-4327-9945-8
Publisher:  Outskirts Press Inc.

Author:  Mckenzie Wagner
ISBN:  978-1-4621-1285-2

Author: William McNally
ISBN: 9781481953627
Publisher: Createspace

Author:  Tom Lucas

ISBN:  978 098 852 6105

Publisher:  Room 1331 Production

Author: Michael Castleman

ISBN: 978-1-84982-240-4
Publisher:  MP Publishing USA

Author: Ruth Yunker

ISBN: 978-1-4327-9698-3

Author: Sabrina Durant

ISBN: 9780972937238

Author: Clarissa Burton

ISBN: 9781479224890

Author: Irene Helenowski

ISBN: 9781105654442

Author:  Keith Rommel

ISBN:  978-1-62006-089-6

Author:  Robert Kral

ISBN: 9781468095746

Author: Derek Pugh

ISBN:  9781742840802

Author: Jennifer Fales

ISBN: 9781432778460

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Author:  Karina L. Fabian
ISBN:  978-1-897492-36-9
Publisher's Name:  Dragon Moon Press

Author's Name: Richard W. Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6062-5

Publisher's Name: Outskirts Press

Title:  The Cursed Man

Author:  Keith Rommel

ISBN:  978-1934597033

Author: Stefan Petrucha


Author:  Richard Taylor

ISBN:  978-1453685884

Not many fiction books are written on the subject of reincarnation therefore Stones Skipping on Water is a refreshing read

Author: Dr. Carl M. Powe, Jr.

ISBN:  978-1-4327-4565-3

Carl M. Powe, Jr. has published a book for job seekers, which looks at job hunting in a different point of view.  As the book titles states, Career Planning and Development – in Reverse, takes you on a step by step method of looking for a fulfilling job from the end result – in reverse

Author:  Barbara Forte Abate

ISBN:  978-160844-418-2

The Secret of Lies is a character driven novel, which gave the reader insight into the internal struggle of the main character

Author:  Jeff Havens
ISBN:  0-9843022-0-4

When I first heard about this book, How To Get Fired – The New Employee's Guide to Perpetual Unemployment I thought it was crazy but at the same time quite intriguing

Review: The Gypsy Morph

Author: Terry Brooks
ISBN: 9780345484147
Publisher:  Del Rey, an imprint of Random House Publishing

The Gypsy Morph is another amazing book of Terry Brooks.  He takes the fantasy adventure and brings it to new levels of excitement and he draws you into each character.  He has always managed to leave you wanting more and this book does not disappoint.

Author:  Kevin J. Anderson

ISBN:  978-0-06-134075-8

The Last Days of Krypton is a science fiction/fantasy tale of the history and past of the iconic superhero, Superman.  The story starts before his parents find each other and before General Zod and his two faithful followers are sent to the phantom zone.  The planet Krypton thrives with a society of complacent citizens and a government that is lax in helping their own people when the moment arises to do so.  The story tells of strong characters trying to do the right thing when all forces are playing against them.  The author captures the action, the emotion and the story of what makes the story of Superman so great. 

Author:  Kevin J. Anderson

ISBN:  978-0-316-00757-3

The Ashes of Worlds is the conclusion in The Saga of Seven Suns and the seventh book in this exciting science fiction epic series.  If you haven't read the rest of the series, don't miss out on the preceding books:  Book 1-Hidden Empire, Book 2-A Forest of Stars, Book 3-Horizon Storms, Book 4-Scattered Suns, Book 5-Of Fire and Night and Book 6-Metal Swarm.

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