Author: Lilli Feisty
ISBN: 9780446541923
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

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Author Lilli Feisty was a make-up artist, perpetual student, secretary, and owned an art gallery before beginning her writing career. She claims to have worked only long enough to pay for her trips to Europe. Besides writing, she enjoys tattoos, reality television, and beaches. Other titles include: Taken, Sting of Desire, Dance of the Plain Jane, and I Love Lacy. She resides in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

Ruby Scott is a successful event planner who leads a respectable life. Yet the secret and naughty fantasies in her head are anything but. She’s become the master of keeping her hidden desires under wraps. That is, until she meets Mark St. Crow, an extremely gifted, up-and-coming music star who is ten years her junior. Gorgeous, sexy, and well-toned, Mark invokes a passion that Ruby never allowed herself to explore. After several intimate nights together, Ruby knows that there is no going back. But Mark plays women as often as he does his instruments, and he is not looking for anything to tie him down- at least not in the metaphorical sense. So what is a girl to do when her deepest needs threaten to give way to a forever love?

As always with this genre, I’m going to issue a warning on this book. It is a very detailed erotic romance with scenes of BDSM and SM that may not be suitable for everyone.

Now, for an erotic romance, I was very impressed with the plot and characters. Or rather, the fact that there was a plot and had memorable, relatable characters. The story-line for the book, (supposed good girl and bad boy musician are ten years apart in age), was crafted in a true-to-life manner. After reading the book, I didn’t sit there thinking how unrealistic it was. The characters and internal thoughts evolved and matured throughout the story. True to romance with a happy ending, you’ll be satisfied in every aspect when you close the pages. The dialog was just phenomenal and I adored the secondary characters immensely. I appreciate that the love scenes weren’t redundant. I highly recommend sitting in front of a fan while reading this one. Seriously. I will never look at a strawberry the same way again!

Bound to Please, by Lilli Feisty, is a scorching hot, irresistible, sinfully satisfying read.

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