Author: Sandra Hill
ISBN: 9780446535779
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

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Author Sandra Hill is the best-selling writer of more than twenty titles including: Tall, Dark, and Cajun, The Cajun Cowboy, The Red-Hot Cajun, Pink Jinx, Pearl Jinx, and Wild Jinx. She resides in central Pennsylvania with her husband the stock broker, her four sons, and very large dog.

Listed as Cajun Book Number 8, So Into You follows Grace O’Brien, a redhead who has been a nun, poker player champion, treasure hunter, and folk healer. She’s up for just about anything except marriage. When her best friend and co-worker, Angel Sabato, declares his undying love for her and proposes, she freaks out! Heartbroken, Angel leaves town as fast as the plane allows. Grace begins working with Tante Lulu helping a poor teenage girl trying to keep her siblings together in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But starting a foundation, avoiding social services, and building a house are more than they’re cracked up to be. Tante Lulu, with match-making forever in mind, goads Angel back to Louisiana to help. And down in Cajun country, love sometimes comes with a mess of trouble… Trouble that can throw Grace and Angel into each others arms where they belong.

This book is dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina survivors, and though the foundation in this book is fictitious, the author has several charities listed on her site for this cause if you wish to check it out, www. sandrahill. net.

Although Tante Lulu was a hilarious Cajun southern Louisiana woman of ninety some years old, I did find her dialect a bit tiresome to read toward the end. Then again, I just don’t know how the book could have done without it.

In saying that, it is apparent that Sandra Hill, good ole humor, strong characters, and a witty plot go hand-in-hand. Fans of her previous books will not be let down with this new book in her Cajun Series. Sandra is planning a new blog on her website with Tante Lulu (a fictional character in this series), of which I cannot wait. Who knew a meddling old southern woman could be so addicting? This book is the perfect example of how secondary characters should be. The setting was phenomenal, the dialog hilarious, and the romance frustrating and sweet. The plot will hook you from page one.

So Into You, by Sandra Hill, delivers a punch packed with true southern charm, romance, and fun-filled hilarity.

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