Follow Here To Purchase A Novel Approach: To Writing Your First Book (or Your Best One)

Author: Jack Woodville London

Publisher: Vire Press LLC, September 2014

ISBN-10: 0990612104 : ISBN-13: 978-0990612100

The title of the book is pretty much self-explanatory and the book is written to aid a writer either writing his first book or his best one. Coming to the review, the points that the writer explains are succinct, lucid and practical but some of them, despite seeming to be too obvious, are often overlooked by writers when they are writing the book/draft.

The author of this book, Jack Woodville London, gives several examples right from the passages of Jane Eyre to Spies of the Balkans to highlight his points. I won’t give out much because it would be injustice to this book but I can at least say that there are several references, passages and anecdotes liberally put to use by the writer to drive home his points. This approach, proving his claim via book passages, certainly hooks a reader more and also makes him aspire to reach the stature of the great masters whom the readers, writers and budding writers look up to.

Then author’s stress on doing research and how to approach writing will make a writer’s life pretty easy because often, as the author himself highlighted, a writer may have a terrific story to tell but in the absence of good research and solid language even the best of efforts may bite the dust. And this happens too often particularly with self-publishing and indie authors as they are often devoid of good teams to aid them in their research. As far as the book goes it is a great asset for a budding writer and those who wish to take their skills to the next level, but having said this let me concede, that this book is not dry at all! It is actually engrossing and commands a reader’s attention so well that one wouldn’t want to move away before reading the entire text! It helps that the book is not too bulky (75 pages!) so no one can deny that the editing of the book is terrific.

If you are a writer worth your salt then certainly it is the editing that you would end up admiring the most, besides of course the language, which is easy to understand. So although the author has his target readership as authors or would be authors but I would say that this book is beyond this segment and in fact covers a much wider segment of ‘how-to’ books that drive most sales these days.