Click Here To Purchase The Social Climber's Handbook: A Novel
Author:  Molly Jong-Fast
Publisher:  Villard
ISBN:  978-0-345-50189-9
2008:  the good old days, just before the market crashed.  In Manhattan’s Upper East Side a number of characters reside in their luxurious, ultra-expensive homes.  One in particular, Daisy Greenbaum, likes her status and with no conscience what-so-ever, decides she’s going to keep that position at all costs.
You see, hubby Dick Greenbaum, is some sort of financial whiz, a “quant” (whatever that means).  Dick, the whiz, works for Goldman Sachs or “The Bank” (another inexplicable moniker since I thought they were an investment company).  He figures out that the whole banking situation is a house of cards and he thinks he should do something about it, like notify his boss.
Unfortunately for Dick and Daisy, Dick’s dull-witted but greedy boss is going to fire him for his whistle-blowing.  Well, Daisy won’t stand for that, no siree.  Gone would be the multi-million dollar home, the fancy schools for the girls, the red-soled shoes and $90 yoga pants.  In a surprise move, Daisy takes care of their little problem.  But one thing leads to another and we find that Daisy has to take care of lots of little problems.