Susan Ravagni

Reviewer Susan Ravagni: Susan lives in the greater Boston area and works in the medical industry.  When not found prowling the aisles of local independent bookstores, she’s either out conquering one of New Hampshire’s White Mountains or delighting in the pounding Atlantic surf. An avid reader her entire life, Susan took the plunge and published her first book,  I'm Just a Girl.  A medical mystery thriller – with a comedic twist, I’m Just a Girl had been percolating in Susan’s mind for a number of years.  And guess what?  Writing is addictive!  So her next book, It Keeps Getting Better, is almost complete. To find out more about Susan, Click Here


 Articles by this Author

Editors: Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

Publisher: New Page Books

ISBN: 978-1-60163-173-2

Author:  Molly Jong-Fast
Publisher:  Villard
ISBN:  978-0-345-50189-9

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 978-07432-9428-7

Author: Layton Green

Publisher: Gryphon Workd

ISBN: 9781456546861

Author: Vincent Bugliosi
Publisher: Vanguard Press
ISBN:  978-1-59315-629-9

Author: Eric Keith

Publisher:  Ransom Note Press
ISBN:  978-0-9773787-7-7

Author: Dr. Steven Manly
Publisher:  New Page Books (a division of Career Press)
ISBN:  978-1-60163-129-9

Author: Ryuho Okawa

Publisher: New Atlantis Books

ISBN: 978-0-9832439-0-0

Author: Ernest N. Curtis, M.D.
Publisher:  Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN:  978-160844-748-0

Author: Rebecca Forster

Publisher:  New American Library (a division of Penguin Group)

ISBN:  0-451-21163-4

Author:  Ed Tasca
Publisher:  Heartland (An imprint of RoseHeart Publishing)
ISBN:  978-0-9841870-9-6

Author: Stephen Gray
Publisher: O-Books Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-84694-390-4
Is there some ancient, dare I say sacred, wisdom to which we should return?  Self-described journeyman and journalist, Stephen Gray gives a resounding, “YES”.

Author:  Jennifer Chase
ISBN:  978-0-9829536-0-0
Publisher:  JEC Press

Author:  Phyllis Gunderson
ISBN:  978-1-59955-462-4
Publisher:  Bonneville Books

Overall, Gunderson delivers a well-paced interesting adventure with a very likeable heroine.  Two thumbs up.  Cheers!

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