Author: John Diamond
Publisher: Enhancement Books 
ISBN:  1890995266

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In his Introduction to The Life Energy in Music: Volume II, John Diamond, M.D., declares that it is “dedicated to transforming low energy musicians into high energy ones and encouraging them further along this path,” but this, I would say, is only part of what he manages to achieve in this fine volume. A pivotal statement that he makes in this work relates to the holistic nature of his professional and personal endeavors: “I see the true role of medicine, the true role of the doctor, as being to bolster up and facilitate the healing processes inherent in a patient’s ego strengths. This is the path of natural healing.”
Diamond’s own work is essentially counterpoised to that of conventional psychiatry, which he finds to be too limiting and condemnatory in its approach. Traditional psychiatry, as it is still taught today, enables the trained professional only to see the weak points in patients,
and not their strengths. Although Diamond finds that both are key to assessing patients, and to arriving at an appropriate overall diagnosis and treatment plan for them, it is only through their own strengths that they will, ultimately, be healed.

In The Life Energy in Music: Volume II, Diamond reveals how his work and encounters with musicians, whether in his practice or in the performance arena, have impacted on the evolution of his conceptualization of, and approach to, healing. In the course of discussing numerous case studies that he has undertaken, he conveys with loving attentiveness the musicians’ leading characteristics and what makes them unique in their approach both to music and to life. He also draws a parallel between the religious life of man and the musician’s life, with both being optimized by a full-scale commitment to aspiration, rejection of narcissistic desire, and surrender to the enveloping pulse of life.
As with all Diamond’s books, I found that The Life Energy in Music: Volume II truly spoke to me in a life-transforming way. Never before have I encountered the writing of someone that has so much meaning and personal relevance to my own life. And I believe that it is Dr. Diamond’s passion and commitment to the truth that enables him to write in a way that is capable of affecting us all. Discard the trappings of outward show and we approach the truth that lies within our grasp, and which will allow those of us who have the courage to do so to aspire to become the best that we can possibly be. No matter your religious outlook, you should find such resonance, depth and clarity of meaning in this relatively small volume that you feel impelled to strive to attain the enhanced state of awareness to which it grants you access.      

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