Author:  Bosley Gravel
ISBN: 978-1906609241
Publisher: BeWrite Books

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The Movie, written by Bosley Gravel, is quite a featherweight in the land of fiction weighing in at just a tad over 150 pages. But don’t let that deter you. This little gem is of the highest quality.

The reader finds herself following the daily happenings and general tomfoolery of Stewie A. Smithee—a kid in his early twenties who lives with his mom in the small town of Podunk, USA, yet dreams of becoming a famous movie director, and his friends, including an oversexed cousin, a kid nicknamed Lawnmower because of a childhood accident, Dan the Man, and the boondocks genius Frank the Skank, among others.

Smithee’s first cinematic effort is a film titled Cannibal Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space – versus - Doctor Clockwork and his Furious Plastic Surgeons of Doom. The Movie’s narrative transitions
between the life and times of the Podunk gang and excerpts from Stewie’s script. Not only do these gear changes discourage any monotony, the script excerpts are so vivid that they’re wildly entertaining in and of themselves.

However, Stewie quickly realizes that scrawling a script is only the beginning of his arduous journey. Obtaining video equipment, managing a humble budget, setting up scenes, casting, costuming, avoiding local enforcement, etc. are all major accomplishments in their own right for a ground-up director with Spielberg-ian ambitions like Stewie.

To add even more complexity to Stewie’s overstuffed plate of responsibility, he has to balance all his duties with a newly obtained full-time job at the nearby convenience store.

Still, all this could easily turn into the makings of a poor, mundane story if not for Bosley Gravel’s charm and unorthodox humor.

One character in The Movie calls Stewie’s Cannibal Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space – versus – Doctor Clockwork and his Furious Plastic Surgeons of Doom “…the most indecent thing to ever disgrace the city of Podunk. It features lewd acts by paid sex workers and glorifies the occult. It encourages lascivious and lustful behavior between half naked, sexually confused women and the living dead. Even five minutes of this will turn moral folk’s stomachs.” I’m giddy to say that the same could easily be said about the entire novel.

From the creative process of filmmaking to casting female escorts, from ingenious methods for cutting corners without quality to allusions to a sexual favor between cousins, from an inspiring production of fulfilling one’s dreams to smoking marijuana and night-long binge drinking, The Movie mixes good and bad, noble and distasteful in the most glorious of irreverent concoctions.

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