Author: Tahmima Anam

Publisher: Harper
ISBN:  978-0-06-147876-5

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This is a truly powerful story that offers an in-depth look into war, family, and the strength and courage that’s needed to let go of the nightmares of the past and begin a brand new future.

Maya and her brother Sohail Haque are the ‘stars’ of this incredible novel. These are two souls who have survived the war of Independence that birthed the nation of Bangladesh, and the revolution that finally has calmed down in their world. Maya wants nothing more than to begin again. Deciding to go the route of becoming a Doctor, Maya pursues her dream and trains to be the best medical woman she possibly can be. Her bother, however, chooses an entirely different path.

is a young man who is literally locked in the fog of the war. The nightmares that came from pain and bloodshed have made it almost completely impossible for him to be at peace and begin a new life. What he chooses to do is embrace the life of a devout Muslim which drives a wedge between he and his sister.

Not being able to deal with her brother’s transformation, Maya leaves her childhood home. When she returns, Maya tries desperately to reconcile with the family she absolutely adores, and finds herself inside the world that her brother has created. While she’s a part of Sohail’s life of faith, Maya meets and grows to love Sohail’s son, Zaid. But when her brother sends his own son elsewhere - opening up even more family difficulties and pain - Maya finds herself trying to deal with the fact that if she chooses sides she may lose her brother forever.

This year is the 40
th anniversary of Bangladesh’s war of Independence which was a revolution that was never spoken about in novels. What Ms. Anam began with her debut novel, A Golden Age, she continues with this next book - offering readers an in-depth look into the aftermath and strife that comes with the birth of a nation. As well as the inner-workings of a family, and their desperate attempt to hold fast to their faith. Startling and heartfelt, this author has put together yet another unforgettable story.

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