Author:  Ed Tasca
Publisher:  Heartland (An imprint of RoseHeart Publishing)
ISBN:  978-0-9841870-9-6

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Question:  What do a dozen frozen chickens, kidnapped Romanian acrobats, a bust of Elvis, and a demented Shinto priest have in common?
Answer:  They share a hilarious adventure with a very unfortunate, much-abused, but in the end, resilient donor heart. \

Four hours.  That’s the time allotted to transport and implant the harvested heart.  Can it be done without a hitch?  Not if you fall into the pages of Ed Tasca’s comically twisted book.  This poor heart is going to change hands more times than a diamond in a Pink Panther movie.

Our hero Daniel, driver of the transport van, takes his duties seriously and arrives early for the all-important drive from Abington University Hospital where Dr. Paul Deiner is harvesting the heart over to the Delaware Transplant Center where a hopeful recipient awaits.  Two hours tops to drive it over, right?  Easy, peasy.

Not so fast Daniel.  What he doesn’t anticipate is discovering something disturbing about his statuesquely beautiful, hyper-intellectual girlfriend Vicky just as he begins to transport the donor heart.  Curiosity turns to astonishment and then to outrage when he sees Vicky doing something completely out of character.  Well, he reasons, there’s plenty of time to follow Vicky and see what she’s up to.  We’ll just take a little detour…. 

Jude, second in command of the donor van, sits shotgun but is distracted with learning the Jewish language for an upcoming trip.  Paul slumps in the back of the van, arms protectively cradling the cooler with the heart safely nestled inside.  Paul quickly nods off.  Jude concentrates on his studies.  Neither notices the little detour Daniel has decided to make.

Daniel’s intention to confront Vicky leads the transport team on a wild chase through a gay pride parade.  Catching the attention of two burly motorcyclists, Daniel attempts to catch up to Vicky.  The Shinto priest has other plans.

Oh yes, that’s only the beginning of the craziness.  Jude survives multiple mishaps.  Paul has near-apoplectic fits as he struggles to get the van and the heart back on course and to the recipient in time.  One wild and rollicking adventure follows another as the team struggles to deliver a heart in pristine (okay, scratch that, let’s just say working) condition.  Along the way Daniel and Vicky work on their relationship, much to the detriment of the transport timeframe.

So, do they get the heart there on time?  I’d love to tell you but you have to read Tasca’s book to find out.  I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun.

I dusted off my old stethoscope and pressed it to my chest to see how my heart liked this Lub Dub.  I heard a resounding lub-dub, lub-dub as it agreed with me that this is one novel we both liked and would highly recommend.

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