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Author: Dr. Maryanne McGuckin  with Toni L. Goldfarb

ISBN: 978-1-936303-31-1

ISBN: 9781617051180 (e-Book)

Dr. McGuckin's book, The Patient Survival Guide, is packed with useful information from cover to cover. She lays out in detail information that can help a patient stay infection free while in the hospital and she does it in layman's terms that are easy to read and understand. While infections will still happen, Dr. McGuckin's book tells how to reduce the chances of getting an infection while in a hospital or any other medical facility or even at home.

An elemental thread that runs through the entire book is the importance of hand washing or hand sanitizing, not just for medical staff, but for the patient, visitors and anyone else that comes into the room.

She writes, "Your mouth, nose and eyes are good entry points for bacteria to get into your body. That's why you need to wash or sanitize your hands often

"If bacteria get on your hands--as often happens--and you don't wash them, guess where those bacteria end up when you put your fingers in your mouth, or touch your nose, of rub your eyes? They end up in your respiratory system, your circulatory system, and internal organs very quickly."

The Patient Survival Guide is more than a book one reads and puts on the shelf. It is a reference manual to be used over and over. Dr. McGuckin tells how the patient can be empowered with information of the rights and responsibilities of the patient, doctors and other hospital staff members. She describes the right of informed consent, open communication between doctor and patient, and questions the patient should ask.

Patient empowerment also includes the right to ask for a rapid response team if the patient feels his/her concerns that his/her problems aren't being addressed properly. Every patient has the right for an advocate to speak up for the patient, especially if the patient can't speak for himself/herself.

Dr. McGuckin's book tells the reader what is considered a healthcare-associated infection. Sometimes these infection don't manifest themselves until after the patient goes home. She uses real-life experiences to drive home the necessity of patient awareness of the cracks in hospital care. She says that most patients don't get healthcare-associated infections but there is still the need for the patient to become involved in his/her own healthcare. Being aware of what is and what is not proper healthcare procedure is very important on the patient's part to avoid becoming a statistic in the healthcare system.

Dr. McGuckin stresses over and over the importance of hand washing and sanitizing that can help keep the patient from becoming infected by one of the "superbugs." It could save the patient's life. There is more to good patient hygiene than just hand washing. A patient should have a daily bath and oral cleansing either by brushing the teeth or with a swab.

Dr. McGuckin goes beyond hospital care. She has a section devoted to nursing homes, rehabilitation units and assisted living facilities. She also stresses the need for cleanliness after the patient goes home. This is especially needed because some infections take time to develop and may not show up until the patient goes home. Some of her suggestions would be good to incorporate into every-day living.

Her last chapter deals with "calling in the law." She instructs when it is a good time to call your lawyer and when not to. She describes the process of litigation again by using real-life experiences.

In the back of the book is a glossary containing definitions for terms included in the book. She also lists references and resources.

This book covers nearly everything to do with patient care. Dr McGuckin is an internationally known advocate for patient safety and preventive medicine.

Toni L. Goldfarb is a medical journalist who has contributed to many medical journals. She is the founding editor of Medical Abstract Newsletter and co-author to the American Lung Association book 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life.

Follow Here To Purchase The Patient Survival Guide: 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital- and Healthcare-Associated Infections