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Author: Denise Skelton

Publisher: First Chance Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9790977-4-5

A Life of My Own tells the story of a woman doing exactly what the title implies: finding her own life on her own terms. She is young when she marries the good looking hunk who later squashes her self esteem under the heavy thumb of verbal abuse, so the mistake is understandable. When she almost makes the same mistake with another good looking hunk nearly a dozen years later, it doesn’t ring quite true that she wouldn’t have learned enough to see it coming in time to extricate herself more gracefully than she finally does. Then again her older sister tells her this so the author apparently gets that the protagonist needs to demonstrate some of the wisdom the reader comes to expect from her to come across as a credible character. Liz does  seem to be more influenced by masculine good looks than other considerations when thinking about her next stop on the journey her life has become but she gets lucky in the end (in more ways than one) and all's well that ends well.

Actually she gets lucky right from the beginning as she encounters the kindness of strangers on her cross country drive from Pennsylvania to Oregon. Most of these kind strangers are women, older, wiser, some of whom experienced spousal abuse themselves, most of whom are able to point her in the direction of a temporary job. The temporary jobs improve until she is actually using some of the skills she had trained for prior to settling down to be the subservient home-maker/stepmother she was for eleven years and eventually she ends up, somewhat implausibly, as the secretary/assistant to the president of a college. . . but life is like that and we all know that truth is stranger than fiction so it could have happened and maybe the plot is based on some actual real life implausible events.  In this last capacity, she has the opportunity to use the self defense skills she learned from a trainer (shades of Jennifer Lopez here?) when asked to escort a visiting lecturer who turns out to be a visiting lecher, and she gets to meet yet another good looking hunk who this time turns out to be Mr. Right.

The first person narrative voice of Liz is excellent, you really think you are hearing this woman tell her story in person. I kept waiting for a bit more psychological depth but that is me. The narrator’s sense of humor and pacing make it a very easy and entertaining read.

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