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Michael Curtis is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Rutgers University, and author of Should Israel Exist? A Sovereign Nation under attack by the International Community.

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    Author: Benzion Netanyahu

    Publisher: Balfour Books

    ISBN-10: 1933267151

    ISBN-13: 978-1933267159

Should the music of Wagner be played in Israel?

For four centuries the West Bank and east Jerusalem, were provinces of the Turkish Ottoman Empire; after that, from 1922 until 1948, they were ruled by Britain under the Mandate given it by the League of Nations. These areas have never been under any Arab sovereignty. The Palestinians have never had a political state of their own; and when offered the opportunity to create one by the United Nations General Assembly in 1947, refused to create one.

When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in Alice in Wonderland, “it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.  Can you make words mean so many things?”

The English are watching on television the brutal massacres in Syria. They have raised their security level from “miffed” to “peeved.” They may raise it again to “really irritated,” or even “a bit crossed.” This should be a warning to foreigners because the last time the British felt “a bit crossed” was in 1588 when they had to defeat the Spanish Armada.

Our era has witnessed and suffered from the acceptance by many commentators in democratic countries of the illusion of the nature of the regimes and conditions of life in Arab societies.
Catherine Ashton, the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, in her speech of June 12, 2012 to the European Parliament, is still blinded by a Potemkin village. In that speech in which she addressed both the situation in Syria and the settlements in Israel she charged Israel rather than Syria with serious violations of international and humanitarian law.

It is saddening that the latest celebrity to succumb to the fallacious Palestinian narrative of the relationship between the Palestinian population and Israel is Alice Walker, the distinguished Afro-American writer whose book The Color Purple was a prize-winning contribution to American literature.

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