Shelley Bueche

Reviwer Shelley Bueche is a nonfiction book reviewer for Book Pleasures and a number of other media-related outlets. She enjoys reading memoirs, books about Texas and books with canine-related themes. Shelley is also freelance reporter and writes children’s book for the educational market. For more information, visit her website.   Click Here to read more of Shelley's reviews.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Barbara Gail Techel
Illustrator: Victoria Kay Lieffring
ISBN-10: 0-9800052-4-8
Publisher:  Joyful Paw Prints

 A delightful story as well as an introduction for young readers to profound concepts as dementia and death

Author:  Nola Lee Kelsey
Publisher:  Dog’s Eye View Media
ISBN:  978-0-9802323-6-3

Dedicated to ‘possibilities,’ The Voluntary Traveler: Adventures from the Road Best Traveled,  should be a coffee-stained, dog-eared book for anyone contemplating taking a trip on the open road, or for arm-chaired travelers seeking a great read about living a life in an exotic locale

Author: Alix Strauss
ISBN: 978-0—06-172856-3
Publisher:  HarperCollins

Even if you consider yourself highly knowledgeable when it comes to celebrity suicides, I guarantee you that Strauss’ book will reveal facts you have never heard or read about before. Read “Death Becomes Them,” for an riveting read and prepare to enjoy the experience

Author: Barktated to Dr. Dennis Fried
ISBN: 13: 978-1-4165-9950-0

Sure, you think most books are written by humans. But this book doesn‘t fall into this ‘neat‘ category, instead the author is a seven-pound Papillon. Genevieve. As ‘barktated’ by her owner, errr make that human companion, author and stand-up comedian Dr. Dennis Fried.

Author: Liz Palika and Dr. Katherine A. Miller
Published By: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-470-41084-4

This title is a must for all young readers interested in animals, as well as libraries dedicated to young researchers.

Author:  Sharon Saxson

ISBN:  1-59350-094-7

Publisher’s Name:  Alyson Books

Most of us are familiar with canine bravery stories especially from the burning twin towers on 9/11, but how many of us know the story of Blackie, the “toughest dog in Da Nang”?

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