Author Debra Finerman,Author

Publisher: Stewart’s Grove Press
ISBN: 978-0-99981-081-1

Debra Finerman, author of You Lucky Dog, has authored two prior books. (2018, back cover; Shadow War and Mademoiselle Victorine) The later was translated into six languages for worldwide distribution. She wrote articles for Capital Style, Beverly Hills Magazine, Beverly Hills today, and The Hollywood Reporter-a monthly magazine. She spends her time between New York City and Paris, France.

The book opens with a funeral. The main character’s husband has suddenly died in an automobile accident. His name was Jake. The surviving widow is a young woman by the name of Emma. She is crestfallen.

Once the funeral is over she thinks she hears her dead husband’s voice and is taken aback when she learns it is coming from their West White Highland Terrier, Jake. Jake, the dog explains that upon his death his spirit entered the dogs body. Emma is dubious, but he tells her things that only her husband Jake would know and soon she is believing.

Emma works for a big museum in Los Angeles, California as a curator. Jake, her dead husband, was an investment banker with a promising future. The new Jake in the dog Jake’s body has a lot to learn. For instance, he tries to like dog treats, but that is short lived. Emma feeds him the same food she eats and he also has an occasional cocktail to two too.

This book is cleverly written and a fun read. The story while fantastical leaves room to consider reincarnation as a possibility sans the ability for an animal to actually speak as a human does. As Jake and Emma adjust to their new life as dog and former wife there are lots of curves tossed out from the perspective of Jake, the dog. For instance, he must learn to run on four legs and play with other dogs which he learns can speak too, but not the same way he does. Jake gets bored with the regular dogs life and soon finds himself a canine movie star of sorts.

Emma obsesses over Jake because he is her former husband and best friend. Her friends accept it, but he mother points out that this is a distraction from her moving on with her life. Emma must consider this as hard as it is to come to terms with. Before Jake was taken from her she had hopes of having a family. That is a distant dream as things are now and to complicate matters each time Emma has a potential date Jake takes an ugly jealous persona on with that person.

I do not want to give too much away. I enjoyed it and believe you will too!