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Author: Derek Pugh

ISBN: 9781742840802

In The Owner’s Guide to the Teenage Brain, author Derek Pugh gives an interesting and in-depth analysis of what goes on in a teenager’s brain that will be helpful to both teens and parents alike. Early on, Pugh explores the brain and gives a summary of each section in simple terms. He also spends a little time explaining how it works.

He then delves into the important aspects for teenagers who want to keep their brains healthy and functioning at capacity. He explores the importance of sleep and how “sleep thieves” such as video games affect one’s ability to sleep soundly. He explains the importance of diet and nutrition, hydration and exercise, not just to say they are important but to explore why they are important, in terms teens can understand.

Each chapter explores a topic and Pugh utilizes humorous cartoons to emphasize his points. At the end of each chapter, he writes a message to the teen’s teacher and parents further explaining the topic and how it relates to the teenager so they can both have a clearer understanding of why their student/child may be acting the way they do. He adds helpful hints so that teachers and parents can follow up on his suggestions.

After exploring how to get the brain to work at capacity, Pugh delves into some inhibitors such as stress, hormones, risky behavior including drug use and other confusing changes that occur during the teenage years. Finally, Pugh ends up offering a host of references and resources that both parents and teenagers can utilize to further their knowledge. He also adds a chart of conditions that can affect the brain complete with symptoms and explanations. He includes information on Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Anorexia and more.

Pugh’s research is very thorough and he communicates in a witty, charismatic manner that teenagers can relate to. His notes to parents and teachers are informative and make the book a great purchase for both teens and adults. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why your teenager changes moods suddenly, embarks in risky behavior, acts out, talks back, forgets where he puts everything he owns or just generally acts like an alien sometimes, pick up a copy of The Owner’s Guide to the Teenage Brain. Most likely, you’ll find the answers you are seeking plus a whole lot more.

Follow Here To Purchase The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain