Author: Hans Christian Andersen

Illustrator: Kay Nielsen

Publisher: Racehorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-63158-133-5

But the most memorable stories in the collection you are about to read, by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, are equally popular and unforgettable in a way that makes them unique, just as Andersen himself was,” the foreword by Joan D. Vinge states in the book, Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.

At two-hundred-and-eighty-eight pages, this hardbound targets those who enjoy short stories from the iconic author. After a foreword, sixteen fairy tales are told that include a dozen colored illustrations plus black and white drawings by Kay Nielsen.

From four to fifty-two pages each, the stories include famous ones such as The Flying Trunk, The Nightingale, The Snow Queen, and the Elder Tree Mother to name a few. Whether they are fanciful or frightening, they are enjoyed by both young and old readers.

Those who love Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales will appreciate this collection. When I first opened the book, I felt like a child opening my McGuffey Reader with the old-fashioned block font. I could easily envision reading the stories at bedtime to our grandchildren when they come for an overnight visit. After reading the tales such as The Real Princess, one may notice how many other tales are told regarding peas hidden in a mattress.

Some young children may be frightened during some parts of these tales while others may not be able to comprehend their meanings. Others may want more simplified plots.

Since the book are dated fairy tales, it would be nice to include the background of why Andersen wrote each or when as that would be intriguing to learn.

For those who enjoy Andersen’s classic tales, this would make a nice addition to a book collection for any age group.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for this book that I freely evaluated.