Author: H. Terrel Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-933515-53-3
Oceanview Publishing

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Matt Royal is a retired trial lawyer living the good life, surrounded by a host of good friends in Longboat Key, Florida. It’s a laid back life, going fishing, partying with the snowbirds, getting together with his friends and sailing around his island home on his boat. Matt lives on an island one quarter mile wide and ten miles long off the southeast coast of Florida, south of Tampa Bay. He is an ex Ranger and Special Forces graduate, who became a criminal trial lawyer. His dedication to his law career resulted in a lack of attention to his wife, who eventually divorced him and moved to Atlanta. Matt continued to practice law until he became disillusioned with it, then moved from Orlando to his island. Things were going well in his hideaway until his friend and mentor, Laurence Wyatt was brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Now Matt’s easy going ways are in the past. He is hell bent on revenge for his friend and may God help those who get in his way.

The only clue Matt has is Wyatt’s missing laptop. Asking questions around town he finds someone who saw a stranger in a café where Matt has a friend working. Seems a deaf girl read a man’s lips when he said, “Wyatt is a dead man” and she wrote down his credit card number on a napkin because of it. Matt traces it to a name and an address in Fern Pass, not too far away. He finds his man, the man who pulled the trigger on Wyatt. When Matt hesitates, the man pulls a gun but Matt is faster and the man dies. He turns out to be a NYC policeman playing hit man on the side for some clandestine organization. Matt must now stay out of the hands of the law and still look for the man who gave the order to have Wyatt killed.

The trail leads Matt to Miami where he finds an aging drug dealing kingpin still setting up contracts to have folks eradicated. When Matt is found out, he unintentionally kills the son in a fight and the old man has a heart attack and dies. Matt makes tracks back to Longboat Key in a hurry but a little bit wiser. His next clues lead him to Germany where he teams up with a Dr. Conner who not only is good looking but is exceptionally smart. When danger comes knocking in Germany, Matt calls on his mysterious friend Jock from the states who works for the Government. Together, and with Dr. Conner’s help, they decipher a decades  old mystery involving OSS intelligence officers, Nazis, trade routes for smuggling Nazis out of Germany, documents that formed a clandestine organization, the stealing of millions of dollars from Jews destined for the death camps and the blackmail of the ones stealing the money from the Jews. Supplement all of this with the formation of an Arab terrorist group used to protect the clandestine organization as well as the reputation of a United States Senator and you can readily see where Matt Royal has his hands full page after page.

Matt wonders if he has what it takes to kill another human being or not. Could he live with himself if he did kill someone? What if it was self defense, would that make it easier? He finds out the answer to these questions and more in this case of revenge. As an added bonus, Dr. Jessica Conner and Matt…. well you are going to have to find out for yourself.

Wyatt’s Revenge is 242 pages long. Truthfully, I have never experienced that much action in that few pages before. In these pages you will find intrigue, mystery, action and well penned scenarios that won’t let you put the book down. H. Terrell Griffin will be hard pressed to top this masterpiece.

Click Here To Purchase Wyatt's Revenge: A Matt Royal Mystery