Author: James Carnac

Publisher: Sourcebooks

ISBN: 9781402280580

Jack the Ripper does not need any introduction. But does James Willoughby Carnac sound familiar? I guess not! But he is the man who claims to be the sadistic murderer of several helpless women of Whitechapel. Why he did what he did and why did he choose the most wretched of the lot are the questions that have haunted several generations of humanity. But never have we found the answers that would quench our thirst. In fact the mystery behind this man has kept him alive in popular memory that has only grown considerably in recent times.

Though ‘Ripperature’ has been in existence ever since Jack broke on to the crime scene but never ever in the history have we been able to know his full story. The surfacing of the autobiography of this murderer would certainly help in explaining the psyche of the man who became a notorious killer later. The autobiography may be challenged for its authenticity but one can never argue that it is easily the most credible piece of literature on Jack the Ripper that we can lay our hands on. The insights that it offers, the cold calculated way that it describes the murders and the way it mocks the law enforcement agencies seem to be the handiwork of a maniac. Such is the power of this autobiography that even with its subdued tone, while recreating violence, it still is potent enough to send chill down the spines.

The one question that this autobiography would open is the one asked by Jack himself: ‘the role of fate in determining a man’s destiny’. Are we just puppets at the hand of a malevolent omnipotent power that would make us do what it pleases? Is it necessary that our bloodline will determine what we become?

Even if we brush aside the claims of this being an autobiography, even then we must credit the writer for doing an amazing job. The way the plots are intertwined in the book, the way the narrative traces the genealogy of this criminal and the way it portrays the heady mixture of cold violence inside and lust for blood makes this book worth reading by every book lover. It does not really matter whether it is another Ripperature or a genuine story of Jack the Ripper, what is more important is the racy, teasing and explosive details it offers. I foresee floodgates of inquisitiveness and debates as soon as this book hits the market.

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