Author: Taylor Rice
ISBN: 978-0-578-01205-6
Publisher: DeAnna Rice Media Group

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My Cancer Mommy is a lovely story written by a brave daughter who learns how to survive her mother's scary journey of cancer. Written by author, Taylor Rice, at the tender age of seven, she walks you through the diagnosis and recovery of her "cancer mommy."

After having to watch her mother through two bouts of cancer, this courageous little girl longed to share her story with other children so they could comprehend some of the frightening things that happen when someone you love has cancer.

My Cancer Mommy is a heartfelt story that any age can learn from. As a daughter whose mother has been chosen to endure this difficult path of cancer, I believe this tender tale can touch the lives of children and adolescence.

Helping children cope with serious illness. What a beautiful dream Taylor has, what a beautiful way to touch the lives of others. Written by an extraordinary child for children in need.

A great resource for children who have to deal with cancer or know of someone who does. The "Key Words" index and "My Special Memory Pages" make this book personal and unique. The book's beautiful colorful illustrations bring the story to life.

Taylor Rice takes you by the hand and walks you through her own experience as if it was yours. The young author was only seven months old when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. At age seven her mother was diagnosed with the BRCA cancer gene and was diagnosed with her third cancer.

Taylor is currently in 3rd Grade and lives in Lake Forest with her three dogs, Ruby, Bella, and Papa, and her parents, DeAnna and Tim Rice. She carries a very special bond with her seven older brothers and sisters.  Her interests include: Webkinz, Hip-Hop Dancing and Brownies.

Olga Matushkina, the illustrator, lives in Barnaul Russia. She dreams of making a difference for children and their families with her unique and colorful illustrations.

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