Author: Melody Boulton

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 978-1-5043-6763-9

                                             A Mother Son Story

This is a consciousness raising book.

Melody Boulton, a psychotherapist, lost her well beloved son Devon to a lung disease in late March 2013.  In contrast to most people who have lost a child, this transition did not imply a break in their mutual relationship.  Theirs was not a conventional parent child relationship for Melody and Devon treated each other as peers from a very early age. This is evidenced by the fact that when Melody  was complimented by others on what a great job she had done raising him, she would answer, “Actually I’m pretty good at getting out of his way and letting him grow the way he was meant to”. So when the summons for Devon came from above, Melody not only sensed them coming but also participated as an observer in the experience  when  the veil between the worlds was being temporarily lifted.

This story goes much deeper than just the story of a mother who lost her son. Melody’s interaction with her son went over and above the mother-son relation into a soul-to-soul  connection that transcends space and time, a connection in which all mutual desires are instantly satisfied in the silence of consciousness.

In this book, Melody recounts many of the encounters that she and numerous other members of Devon’s circle of family and friends  experienced with Devon after his passing, experiences that testify to the truth of a continued existence after a physical death. Indeed, this book goes so far as to show that contact with our dear departed souls can be as real as any other in the physical, and that this interaction can be enhanced by cultivating the faculty of tuning in to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Devon and I are writing about these experiences to offer grieving parents, especially an opportunity to open their hearts to the powerful healing these experiences can offer, illuminating how we can all be supported in our grief and learn to cope with the loss with the love, guidance and light hearted joy of our child. Devon and I, as co creators, are manifesting our capacities to teach the above and guide you into a realm of love and reality not commonly known or understood.”

It is obvious that Melody’s skills as a psychotherapist has contributed immensely to the writing of this book. It explains why she can “see” very clearly her relation to her son, from a higher partner soul  perspective, forged over several lifetimes together, a perspective that can change roles, from mother-son, to teacher-student, to peers having fun, among others. This role changing is a quality that permeates most of the material in this book.

The discourse between mother and son is seemingly light-hearted, but also very wise. It takes place not only by telepathy, appearance of light orbs, birds and butterflies among others, but also through mediums and astrologers. The most important message of this contact, at least as I see it, is that one does not need to be unhappy after the departure of a loved one, for everything is connected and there are many ways that life responds to our cries. Besides, the ties that bind us to our loved ones, survive after a physical passing.

This book is very readable. It carries a much-needed message for jaded souls who feel unloved and tied down by the limitations of their circumstances and unsure of a future. It will give them hope.

Warmly recommended.