Author: Julie Hyzy
ISBN: 978-0425-239230
Publisher: Berkley Books

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In her latest culinary thriller Buffalo West Wing, Julie Hyzy concocts a perfect blend of excitement and nail-biting suspense with the terrifying concept of terrorism thrown in together amid a delicious array of food. As everyone's favorite White House chef Ollie Paras makes an exciting comeback, Hyzy cleverly plots out yet another roller-coaster adventure within the four walls of the official home of world's most powerful man and his family. You won’t have time to prepare for what’s coming as Hyzy will grab your attention before you know it and keep you hooked until you have seen it to the very end.

White House executive chef Olivia Paras is busier than ever as she prepares for a new First Family to move into the White House. While Ollie recounts the good times she had had with the previous First Family, Ollie is also excited to win over the new residents with her culinary magic. Before she could start on her mission, an ugly turn of events sends things spiraling downwards. It all started with the delivery of a mysterious box of take-out chicken wings to the White House explicitly addressed to the First Kids.

Not having a clue about who the sender was or how did the take-away box made its way into her kitchen, Ollie thinks it is strange for someone to anonymously send the kids their favourite take away snack. Ollie being Ollie, she politely refuses to serve it to the First Kids until she knows for sure - even when the kids asked for it. Ollie suddenly finds herself in a tough spot as she steps on the wrong foot with the First Lady, whose approval she has been counting on.

When the trust has apparently evaporated between Ollie and the First Lady, the family’s personal chef was brought in to prepare the meals for the First Family. Ollie fears that her much-loved position as the executive chef is threatened and she might be replaced by the obnoxious new arrival. Then the chicken turns out to be poisoned and soon it becomes clear that the First Kids are the targets of what appears to be a terrorist attack. How did it land inside White House? The nagging thoughts at the back of her mind have been right all along and Ollie finds herself involved in a messy situation. Will she emerge heroic once again?

A scrumptious slice of a novel, Buffalo West Wing is as delectable as a box of buffalo wings. From the fast-pacing plot to the headstrong yet lovable protagonist, this is the kind of book that you will crave for more even long after you have finished reading it. Just like the way you crave for your favourite snack or you go for a second or even a third helping of your beloved dishes you would be begging for more. Those of you who had high expectations and hopes will not be disappointed. Dive right in!

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