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Reviewer Hamdhoon Rashad: Hamdhoon is a freelance writer currently pursuing his journalism degree in Malaysia. Apart from reviewing books and movies, his major writing interests include pop culture, environment and contemporary lifestyle.

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Author: Chitra Kallay

ISBN: 978-1440146428

Publisher: iUniverse

Author: Jeffery Stepakoff

ISBN: 978-0312581596

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

Author: Sarah Rayne

ISBN: 978-1934609804

Publisher: Felony & Mayhem

Author: Dennis Shields

ISBN: 978-1935254287

Publisher: Norlights Press

Author: Sheila Roberts
ISBN: 978-0312594480
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Author: Tom Milton

ISBN: 978-0982990414

Publisher: Nepperhan Press, LLC

Authors: Mark Victor Hansen & Bill Froehlich

ISBN: 978-1607466741

Publisher: Fastpencil Premiere

Hamdhoon Rashad, one of bookpleasures.com reviewers interviews Steve Piacente author of Bella

Author: Steve Piacente
ISBN: 978-1451571615
Publisher: CreateSpace

It is quite safe to say that Bella, the enchanting debut novel by journalist-turned-author Steve Piacente, is nothing less than a literary masterpiece on so many levels. From its punchy and witty prose to its utterly appealing and irresistible heroine, Piacente has charmed us with a bold and inventive novel the effects of which will linger in your minds for a very long time.

Author: Sharon Potts
ISBN: 978-1608090136
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

If you are looking for a thriller that is quite admirable for both its visual prose and quick pace, then Sharon Pott’s latest crime flick “Someone’s Watching” might just be the thing for you. Not only does it keep you on the edge with its pulse-racing speed but it guarantees you a seriously chilling thrill ride.

Author: Ann Littlewood
ISBN: 978-1590-587454
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Truth be told, a mystery laden with multiple layers of pulse-quickening drama does not get any better than this.

Author: Joseph Hayes
ISBN: 978-0-9843879-4-6
Publisher: Synergy Books

An absorbing and a highly thought-provoking novel, Hayes’ nuanced writing and expert plotting makes this a seamless political thriller you will never forget.

Author: Julie Hyzy
ISBN: 978-0425-239230
Publisher: Berkley Books

From the fast-pacing plot to the headstrong yet lovable protagonist, this is the kind of book that you will crave for more even after you have long finished reading it.

Author: Caleb A. Mertz
ISBN: 978-1424114535
Publisher: Publish America

With Thoughts of Jason is a highly complex and equally thought-provoking novel that is both fresh and original

Author: James J. Kaufman
ISBN: 978-0982587300
Publisher: Downstream Publishing

A throughly enjoyable work of modern day fiction, The Collectibles triumphs on all counts.

Author: Hilary Davidson
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2697-3
Publisher: Forge

Easily one of the most refreshing crime thrillers to emerge this year, Davidson's The Damage Done is a first-rate mystery debut that is thoroughly entertaining and highly satisfying.

Series Editor: William Irwin
Edited by: Gregory Bassham

ISBN: 978-0470398258
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

A truly magical and provocative collection of philosophical wisdom into the Wizarding World, The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy is your ultimate companion to explore the deeper meanings of the concepts and themes recurrent in the Potter series.

Author: Julie Ann Howell
ISBN:  978-1936051694
Publisher: The Papertree Press, LLC.

 An evocative ghost story that will haunt you through and through, Haunting Echoes will grab you by the neck and will not let you go until you have witnessed it all.

Author: Kenn Bivins
ISBN:  978-1936198-66-5
Publisher: Two Harbors Press

Author: Gary Solomon
Publisher: Aslan Publishing
ISBN: 978-0944031087

Author: Charles Brokaw
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 978-0765320933

Author: Patricia Gussin

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

ISBN: 978-1933515816

An utterly absorbing thriller that will leave you breathless, the fast pace of it will send you turning pages at super speed in your quest to find out the fate of the missing triplets. You will not be able to close the book until you have reached the end of this haunting tragedy. Rush into your nearest bookstore, grab this book and dive right in! You have got to read this one.

Author: Bryan Healey

Author: Bryan Heale

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN-10: 1453690832:  ISBN-13: 978-1453690833

As its title evidently suggests, Bryan Healey’s debut novel A Line Blurred underlines the bitter consequences of blurring a line that could trigger serious repercussions

Author: R. William Bennett

Publisher: Burgess Adams

ISBN: 978-0-9825606-3-1

A poignant tale of great substance and inspiration

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