Author: Davis Spurling

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


                                                        Internet Infopreneurship

This is short and sweet.

Are you having problems with your boss that you can’t seem to resolve to your satisfaction? Do you want to quit the monotony of a job that throttles your creativity? A job where you can never hope to be number one?

Well then, welcome to the Internet Infopreneurship scenario. You get to work out of your own apartment, choose your own timings and make all the decisions yourself. This is where this book comes in.

This book will tell you what you have to do to generate an Internet business that you run entirely by yourself or by a small team of your own choosing. It tells you in some detail, how to get going with your Internet home business, how to actualize the vision you wish to manifest, the options you have and how to find loans that are available, tax requirements, location choice, the legal ramifications of opening a business, how to take calculated risks and more. More importantly, it documents in detail, the signs that signal danger, these could range from a motley of family issues to a time dilating effect that you experience as a result of working on something that is very close to your heart. It has to be if you are to succeed. Yet working on something you dearly love can have a crescendo effect on your family, as you miss out on quality time with them, a problem that can get serious if they find it hard to adjust to the new circumstances.

Considering the nature of the subject, this book could be greatly in demand. The unemployment scenario worldwide, the uncovering of major international financial scams have not exactly helped middle class families with children as far as their economy is concerned. Many face an uncertain future with foreclosures on their homes through no fault of their own. For such people, this book provides honest, down- to-earth, sensible advice in sharp contrast to the mushrooming industry of fake income generating sites that are sweeping the Internet today. The author is to be commended for putting forth his ideas in this ultra relevant subject in such clear cut and understandable prose.

Also included in the book is a first chapter preview of another ebook by the author entitled “How to get back with your ex in 30 days or less”.

This is a well written  Do-It-Yourself book, shorn of emotional trappings, even as emotional family issues are discussed from a pragmatic point of view.