Follow Here To Purchase The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Why It's Good for You and Your Company

Authors: Paul Zane Pilzer and Rick Lindquist, Authors

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 978-1-119-01211-5

Paul Zane Pilzer, co-author The End of Employer Provided Health Insurance, has authored 11 prior books. (2015, inside back cover) Previously he was a professor at prestigious NYU and advised on matters of economics under two Presidential administrations. Pilzer founded six companies, two considered largest US suppliers of individualized employee health benefits.

Rick Lindquist, co-author, presides over Zane Benefits, Incorporated. Zane Benefits Inc. happens to be one of the top US organizations with regard to defined contribution employee health benefits. You can read more about Mr. Lindquist on

Almost everyone who is not in the healthcare business has questions regarding the reshaping of our new healthcare landscape. I, personally, got my life and health insurance ticket for the state of North Carolina a couple of years ago and knew then, that healthcare was a big issue and a booming business for everyone across the USA. If I had had this book then as a study guide I would have simplified that learning-licensing process incredibly.

Understanding healthcare and the changes that the Affordable Care Act brought about does not have to be the conundrum that we all believe it is if things are explained in simple, and easy to understand, terms. This book does that for you!

Pilzer and Lindquist have deciphered the healthcare lingo, the lengthy list of acronymistic codes, and made it reasonable for anybody to understand how these changes in our overall healthcare infrastructure impact the types and quality of care, we as patients, are being, and will be, given. For instance, “…the Affordable Care Act requires every individual health insurance policy be guaranteed-accepted regardless of health or pre-existing medical conditions of the applicant.” (2015, p.45) Previously insurers could simply deny coverage if anyone had a prior condition. “The Affordable Care Act also requires all health plans to cover a list of preventative care items. (p.49) I believe this is a step in the right direction for all of us!

Individual v. employer provided insurance provides us with four key advantages according to Pilzer and Lindquist. (paraphrase, 2015, p.57) Those advantages are; lower costs, more choices, portability, and guaranteed to be accepted. (pgs. 57-59) Who does not want that?

Pilzer and Lindquist dissect the various terms used in the insurance industry and feed them to their readers in bite sized paragraphs. Without the benefit of sitting through the course and test for the NC Life and Health Insurance ticket I never would have been able to make sense of the nuances of health insurance. With this book you do not have to do what I did, you simply have to pick up your copy of this superbly written book and all of your healthcare questions will be answered. I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned a lot, even more than I already knew because it was really in-depth. I think you will too!