Author: Ben A. Sharpton

Publisher: Belle Isle Books

ISBN: 978-0-9859358-4-9

For many years raging debates concerning abortion have unleashed a great deal of controversy and at times have even led to violence where we have witnessed killings and bombings.

On one side of the debate we have the pro-choice movement contending that women have the right to choose whether they wish to bring an embryo or fetus to term and on the other side there is the pro-life advocates that emphasize the right of the embryo or fetus to be born.

Each of these movements have sought to influence public opinion and to attain legal support for their position. What if, however, there was a different perspective or option which could be implemented to resolve the abortion debate? Just think, suppose we can extract the embryo at a very young age and incubate it until it is ready to survive in the world and then put up the baby for adoption?

And this is what Ben A. Sharpton presents in his novel, The 3rd Option where he weaves into his story a process known as ectogenesis which is the creation and/or continuation of human life outside the human uterus.

In Sharpton's thriller we follow Allan Chappel, a former seminary student, who applies for a job as communications director with Inc.Ubator, a medical think tank that his old college friend Dan Carisle recently opened. Chappel is not exactly sure what the company does and moreover little does he know that his life will be changed forever when he is about to enter the company's front door for his interview.

Unfortunately, our protagonist never has his interview because as soon as he touches the handle to the company's front door, the building explodes killing several of its occupants including his friend Dan Carlisle. Luckily, Chappel survives the bombing and while recovering in the hospital learns that his friend may have been operating an abortion clinic, which he finds difficult to believe. It was his understanding that the clinic was developing new, progressive ideas for the medical industry and had nothing to do with performing abortions.

As the story continues, we discover that not only is Chappel a prime suspect in the bombing of his friend's clinic, but he is also been stalked by a big, bald ugly man with a broken nose who is bent on killing him. In addition, he finds himself dragged into his own home where explosives were planted and fortunately for his aunt Julia's warning message via telephone, he was able to survive. Apparently, Julia is a psychic who for many years has continually sent Chappel all kinds of messages and her warnings always seem to come true.

In one day Chappel has gone from gaining meaningful employment to being a fugitive from the law as well as being set up as a murderer of several individuals. This forces him into hiding as he sets out to clear his name and track down who are the culprits that are responsible for these hideous crimes.

Sharpton keeps his readers guessing as his protagonist eventually winds up in Lithuania where he meets a woman doctor who had been connected with his friend Dan Carlisle.

To add a little more spice to the yarn and alternating with the chapters concerning Chappel's escapades, Sharpton mixes in a powerful pro-life organization, LifeWatch whose CEO, Dr. Joseph P. Strong turns out to be a slimy character who has political ambitions. He will do almost anything to get what he wants, that is, until someone from his own organization begins to put two and two together and decides to put an end to his wishful plans. And as for the connection between Inc.Ubator and Life Watch and how this plays out, you will have to read the novel.

Sharpton has crafted an intelligent novel not only by spinning a good mystery but also by expertly introducing into his story the concept of ectogenesis giving the narrative another strong dimension. In fact, you would probably read the book not only for its thriller components but also for the message the author tries to convey. And to Sharpton's credit, he manages to stay away from endorsing one side or the other in the abortion debate and instead cleverly offers his readers something new to chew on.

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