Author: Emma Right
Publisher: Right House Books
ISBN: 978-0-9892672-2-9

“If we carry out this plan, you could be financially stable. Independent. Free to accomplish your dreams. Always have the means to do whatever you want, when you want,” Sarah explains to Brie in Emma Right’s young adult novel, Dead Dreams, Book #1, A Young Adult Psychological Mystery Thriller.

At two hundred and seventy-two pages, this paperback book targets thirteen to eighteen year olds who like mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Although there is the use of “Gawd” and “My God,” there is no profanity or sexual content, but one violent scene that may not be appropriate for naïve readers. It is apparent the book has not been professionally edited, allowing young readers to consider acceptable incorrect writing rules.

In this fast pace tome written in first person, eighteen year old Brie O’Mara is proudly on her own, working two jobs to maintain her own apartment. Needing a roommate to split the costs, she posts an online ad on Craig’s List and meets Sarah McIntyre, a very wealthy, independent but secretive girl. 

Being gullible and rather ignorant, Brie willing allows Sarah to move in and control her every movement. As she befriends this rich girl, she learns her roommate will be inheriting millions unless her rogue brother proves she is doing something illegal or she is dead.

Having overly attentive parents, a guarded brother, and a younger innocent sister, Brie tries to figure out the real story about her roommate. Two private eyes, a lawyer, and her ex-pastor offer words of advice as Brie allows greed to drive her interest in Sarah’s monetary mind-games. 

Wanting to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress, Brie is conned into switching roles with Sarah to supposedly help her get relief from her inheritance pact so the two can flee the country.

As Sarah’s plan comes to fruition, Brie starts questioning her loyalty to her newfound friend versus her family due to the nightmares she has been having. With the pastor’s reminding of God’s control, she is left in a quandary of what to do next. 

Although the book has no substantial ending except to read the sequel, Right’s capture of the sophomoric self-absorbed thinking of immature adults is convincing. With a jumpy plot and flawed characters, redemption may be available in the next book.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this book in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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