Author: Nabila Khashoggi
Illustrator: Manuel Cadag
Publisher: Full Cycle Publications
ISBN: 978-0-615-43266-3

As you can see, I have a real body. In the form of what you call an egg, but when you talk to me, you are really talking to a being on my home planet,” Egg explains to the children in Nabila Kashoggi’s first book in the series, Spartan & The Green Egg – A Trip to the Rainforest.

This over-sized hardcover book has sixty thick paper pages with an illustration of four kids landing in a rainforest on the front cover. The back jacket explains the series being about expeditions via an egg-shaped spaceship along with the story of the first book. Illustrator Manuel Khashoggi does an expressive job in his comic-strip-like drawings that are detailed and colorful. Inside both jacket covers are maps of the world with South America highlighted in this one.

Young pre-teen Spartan and his three friends, Katie, Tor and Max, along with his dog find an old book that shows how to contact space aliens. Calling on the “Mind Light,” a talking green egg appears which expands into a large spaceship when it is placed outside.

The four adventurers and dog go inside the capsule and Egg, as it is called, takes them to the Amazon jungle in South America where they use technical eyewear along with magical backpacks and can speak by thought to Egg.

While in the rainforest, they meet two Indians who save them from a piranha-filled river and take them to their village, where the kids learn how the Indians live, work, hunt and fish together. They meet the Shaman who makes them have mystical dreams about the forest being destroyed.

Upset about their dreams, the four travelers decide to take the two Indians to a nearby logging camp where trees are being cut down. With Egg’s help, they scare the loggers by having the Spirit Protector of the Forest replant new growth and bring lightning to the area.

In the end the loggers agree to replant new trees whenever they cut a tree down and tell other loggers to protect the land. The four children return to their home via the spaceship and decide not to tell their parents about their adventure.

Marked down in review for too many punctuation and spelling errors, most children with fun imaginations will look forward to the next trip the egg-shaped ship will take them but should understand there are incorrect writing habits.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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