Author: Georgina Salgado Chavez, ND,LAC,Ht
ISBN: 9781439227466
Publisher: BookSurge

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Author Georgina Salgado Chavez presents an interesting and easy way for everyone to begin his or her road to losing weight. Her book is divided into simple sections the first being the rationale behind writing the book and the facts everyone needs to understand about the many factors that can cause obesity and other health problems in our lives. This brings me to my review of this very innovative and interesting book Quick &Easy Tips To Lose Weight.

The author begins by stating that she wrote this book to inform everyone about the causes, side effects, and the solution for weight gain. The causes for weight gain and obesity are stress, bad nutrition, chemical toxicity, parasites, hormonal imbalance and lack of mobility. The main function or purpose of this book is really simple. It will help you create and implement simple ways at home to increase your energy level, improve your health, lose weight, eliminate stress.

Sugar can become addictive and its effects according to the author are similar to those of many drugs. Imagine that the average American eats approximately 43 teaspoons of sugar per day. I am so glad that I am not one of those average Americans. I never put sugar on anything. This amount of sugar is ten times more than is recommended and the end result could be diabetes, obesity, depression and more. Sugar substitutes are not much better. Using aspartame and glutamate can be harmful too. Excess of either one found in many sweeteners such as Equal and NutraSweet, can trigger many diseases. The author then goes on to discuss a topic that is very prevalent today, that of stress. Everyone experiences stress. Stress affects everyone whether you are an adult or a child. There are both long and short-term effects of stress. You can learn more about them by reading pages 17-23. I will however list the ones that I have experienced. When I get really upset I do get stomach of abdominal discomfort. At times I do not feel like eating and of course I cannot sleep. This is often caused when I worry about a health issue of my mom who has Alzheimer’s or a financial issue that I need to address.

Long-term effects of stress that I can identify with and are listed by the author are weight loss, and sometimes-chronic headaches. Other areas of stress you will have to read for yourself.

Okay, now what are those tips to helping everyone lose weight? I am not going to tell you all of them because then you would not have to read the book. Before I give you tips that I feel I can or will identify with and use, I must remind everyone that before you decide to lose weight or try any weight loss program or tips, you must discuss it with a health care professional or your doctor.

The first tip is to drink plenty of water. This is something that I need to increase. Water is very vital for your body to function properly. I have to agree with tip two which is to eat organic. I eat organic fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapefruits and chicken. Learn more about organic foods and why they are better for you by reading pages 26- 28. Of course it would be nice to reduce your stress and avoid simple carbohydrates.  I eat lean protein and I avoid sugar. Helping me to lose weight I did increase by diet by adding more fruits and greens. Of course there are many more tips that the author listed and explained as to why they will help you lose weight.

There are many other great tips that the author describes to help you lose weight. But, the ones that I think are the best are eating spicy foods; laughter, which I think, helps me through the day along with my sense of humor and of course drinking teas. From mediation to including good fats in your diet you can learn the many ways you can lose weight and feel better. There are 49 tips that you can read for yourself and decide which ones or all are right for you.

Finally, the last part of the book lists the foods suggestions and simple recipes to help you get started.

As the author states you need to use common sense in each decision that you make regarding your own health. Use great common sense and read this book written by a health and wellness experts using a holistic model. Here are some modern solutions to the age-old problem and question: How can I lose weight and where do I begin?

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