Author: Dale Rensing.

ISBN: 978-1484997215.

Publisher:  Create Space.       


If you believe in yourself and you never give up you can succeed! What happens when Eric decides to take his skating test and doe not pass it? Will he give up ice-skating or will he find another reason to get back on the ice, practice his skills and become a great skater? Many parents and teachers say that “practice makes perfect,” but that’s just a saying and the hidden meaning behind it is what makes one young boy never give up. Practice takes on a new meaning when Eric reenters the rink and finds he has a special friend to guide him. Dreams come true when you believe in yourself and find ways to overcome your fears. Failing his skating test really upset him but quitting the sport would be even worse. So, what happens when Eric returns to the ice, see the rink manager who lets him in on a special secret. What would happen if you had a special friend, hidden beneath the ice that helped you practice? What if that special friend was a dragon named Ziggersnout? As the rink manager would prepare the ice making it shine brighter and clearer than the sun on a clear day, Eric begins his journey. Ziggersnout is really quite shy and if you look deeply into the ice you might see him. But, only if you want to succeed, he trusts you and you believe. Everyone doubts his or her own capabilities and Eric is not any different since failing his skating test.

But, his self-esteem, his drive and his persistence just might win out if he believes in himself, the existence of this special dragon and continues to practice. Starting out slowly he and the dragon race around the rink hoping to quicken his pace and keep up with him. Each spin around he focuses on the dragon, keeps pace with him and then finally rejoins the rink manager telling him of his success. But, Ziggersnout does not always come out or show up when Eric is on the rink because too many faces, kids and those that do not believe are around and he is shy you know and will not show himself.

Hard work and practice becomes his routine and his pace quickens and he begins to want more ice time. Asking his mother, who must have been thrilled and surprised to book him more time on the ice allows readers to know that Eric would not give up and he was determined to become a better skater. But, not everything is about passing a test. In this case it is about succeeding, really wanting to get better at something that matters to you and working hard to succeed. But, the best thing was Gramps the rink manager and watching take Zamboni the big machine he uses to prepare the ice for skaters take care of the loose snow on the ice. Making the rink so shiny it sparkled. But, imagine finding out the special secret that Gramps was about to reveal. 

Ice skating is something I could never do and taking lessons was my nightmare as the instructor did not show the same patience that Ziggersnout showed with Eric nor was their a great rink manager to help guide me and understand my difficulties.  Eric meets someone special on the ice. His friends and others did not see the dragon and doubted his existence. But, what happens when an older skater shows up, allows him to skate with him and they both keep pace with I can’t tell you the rest. Just what happens when Eric and this speed skater team up you won’t believe? Do you believe in magic, dragons and in yourself? What is something you always wanted to do but think you never will? Author Dale Rensing takes readers inside the mind of a young child, on the rink and allows everyone to learn what happens when you never give up. Sportsmanship, creativity, fears overcome, trust, honesty and determination are taught in this outstanding beautifully illustrated book.

 The illustrators are Guy Gilchirst and Laurie Tisdel. The pictures vividly depict the emotions of the characters making the story come alive to young readers. Everyone wants to excel at something whether playing the violin, piano, singing, drawing or even learning a foreign language. This story teaches everyone young children, young adults and even adults that you have the ability to make your own dreams come true and find your own Ziggersnout in the ice, under the keys in the piano, inside the center of a violin or even within your own heart and you will succeed. Author Dale Rensing has the makings of a real series as he can bring Eric taking him on many journeys, maybe even in competitions leading to the Olympics but let’s make sure he always has Ziggersnout as his trusty companion.


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