Author: Wiley Baxter
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 978-1-4497-8729-5

“In November of last year, you entered a chocolate retailer. You bought a bag of chocolate-covered cashews and walked out. My mom manages the store, and she saw and recognized you,” Wiley Baxter’s daughter explains in his book, Chocolate-Covered Cashews.

This sixty-six page e-book targets those who enjoy short autobiographies of learning about their past decisions and how, years later, they depend on God to restore and change relationships. With no profanity, violence, or sex scenes, the topic of parents learning about children they did not know focuses on mature readers. After an introduction and twelve chapters that include two testimonies, an author biography completes the book.

In this story of awareness, Wiley Baxter was fifty-nine years old when he received a phone call asking if he was the father of the caller. After DNA testing, not only did he find out he parented a woman that was now thirty-five years old, he has a twin daughter too.

After the first chapter describing the call and initial meetings, the rest of the book is about Baxter’s life history. Being born in Arkansas as seventh of thirteen children, he learned about God but did not want to listen to Him initially. Tales are told of family dinner meals, accidents involving stitches, jobs from teen to adult, living or visiting Colorado, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas, and marrying young, only to divorce two years later and remarry his current wife.

At one point, the author recalls when one of his brothers died in a car accident, mentioning several near-death experiences that he now looks back and sees the Almighty’s hand of protection. Memories of humor or tragedy, he reminds the reader to carefully consider decisions made, relying on prayer and being in the Word of God.

With superficial dialogue, the chapters are easy to read but may lack spiritual or emotional connection to the reader. It is as if vague notes are gathered from a calendar, not a personal diary. The reader never knows how Wiley Baxter really feels about the angst, anger, and frustration of lost years without his daughters or the distance now separating one of them.

The writer is very sincere as he confesses his pitfalls, mistakes, and lack of going to God first whenever there is a problem. His story may be helpful for his family members or someone experiencing the same issue, looking to God for the answers.

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