Author: Calvin Helin
ISBN: 978-1932824087
Publisher: Ravencrest Publishing
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Should everyone work? Should everyone that is able bodied and capable become part of the work force or should they be able to work the system, skirt around the issues and become part of the large group of Americans that indulge themselves in what some might dub: Government Handouts or Welfare rather than getting a job? The author of this book brings to light what is happening and will happen to our economic structure, stability and economy if we allow more people to become economically depended and trapped in their own fiscal crisis. Enabling our young and allowing them to have everything by overindulging them creates a dependency that will filter throughout their lives and down to their offspring as well. Many feel that our government should provide programs for the poor to make them feel important, allow them to have some type of social structure and keep them economically dependent rather than self-reliant. The author gives many examples of different countries, nationalities and people throughout the world who believe in government programs such as welfare, aid and much more without giving any thought to what might or has been happening to the structure of our overall economy and where this money will come from or continue to be generated.
Can reading one book help you understand how to eliminate poverty? Self-reliance, policy reforms and more making our society accountable are just some of the interesting strategies related by author Calvin Helin in the Economic Dependency Trap. How many parents create trust funds, overindulge their children, leave them tons of money after they are gone, hoping to make them more self-sufficient and able to stand on their own two feet. But, in reality, are they standing alone or are they using what they handed to live large and not think about the end result: Economic Dependency or is it Parent Enabling?
You have heard of the flu now understand an equally deadly virus called “Affluenza.” Many young people prefer living under the same roof as their parents rather than being self-sufficient and making it on their own. As the author states, they have a sense
or feeling of entitlement and prefer to lead lives that are not independent but rather in some sense freeloading off of the adults that are supposed to teach them some sense of responsibility or independence. This feeling of entitlement I can tell you are not just indicative of the affluent it reins in other social economic classes as well. Added to the mix is the fact that over 20 percent as the author states of our population or about 60 million Americans fall into this category of relying on federal and state aid in order to pay rent, utilities and food. What he so aptly defines as “Free Money” as we enable our young and allow them to not work and depleting their sense of freedom and self worth.

Economic dependency is indicative of not only the middle class but as the author relates the very wealthy too. Overindulging children and leaving them millions of dollars will not give them the tools to be self-sufficient or want to get up in the morning, go to work and earn it on their own. The author relates how many very wealthy people have decided to leave their millions to others, charities and not to their children. The author having worked his way up from being an impoverished child to an attorney and international businessman does not feel that children, adults or anyone should have things handed to them on a silver platter. While I might agree that every parent needs to teach their children self worth, relying on their own skills and not expecting everything to be spoon fed to them or on a silver platter, I do believe there are times when assistance might be needed if dire emergencies arise. There are times when children need to reach out to their parents when medical coverage does not pay for a child’s needs, or when someone loses a job and is not at fault but needs some brief assistance to feed his/her family. He discusses aboriginal reservations to the ruination of coal-mining towns, and how economic dependency knows no bounds, class or limits when allowed to erupt and spew over like the lava from an active volcano.
The conclusions and final opinions should be the readers not this reviewers. I have given you most of the facts and tried to stay neutral when expressing my opinion. But, one fact is definitely front and foremost and that this is a very interesting, thought provoking, mind stimulating book that will create much discussion in many different groups. Great book to teach economics and even greater resource for those that work in government programs and those that want to understand how to better their lives and not be economically dependent on anyone.
Are you SELF RELIANT? OR RELIANT? Read the book. Understand the meaning of self-worth, self –reliance and do not become a victim of the economy dependency trap.
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