Author: Heather Grothaus
ISBN: 978-1-4201-1242-9

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Very rarely, in the romance genre set in Medieval England, does a book come along that offers a story not only filled with interesting characters from various backgrounds that readers will love, but also amazing locations that are written with such detail and beauty.
In this book readers meet three sisters. They are the last of the Foxe family whose parents have gone to Heaven and have left behind a huge plantation to run - a plantation/castle that King Edward wants to get his hands on. The oldest sister who does all the work is named Sybilla. Smarter then most men, Sybilla lives a life that is full of responsibilities - one being that she is trying desperately to marry off her younger sister, Lady Alys. She wants with all her heart to join forces with a family of wealth and nobility to help her family stay on “top of the food chain” and to make sure that the King can not take their birthright away from them. Strong and unyielding, Sybilla decides to throw a winter party at Fallstowe Castle and try to “hook up” her youngest sister with a young man who has title to lands.
Alys doesn’t want to get married to anyone her sister has thrown at her. So she strikes a bargain the night of the
party that she has one month to find her own beau that Sybilla will accept. To do this, Alys walks through the large Foxe property to the Ancient Foxe Ring. This location is a legend - that whatever woman stands in the center of the ring, a man will appear in the moonlight and that’s the man who is her soul mate…the man she will marry. Sybilla doesn’t believe in this ancient tradition, but Alys does - seeing as that their own parents met and fell in love inside the Ring.

Off into the woods she goes with a monkey (yes, a monkey) who becomes her friend and ally throughout the story. Out of the blue, Alys is woken up by the sound of a monkey attack and sees a man - beaten, bruised and swollen - beside her in the Ring. The man’s name is Piers Mallory, and is on his way to London to unveil his family secret to the King.
Piers is the son of a landowner who fell in love and impregnated a commoner - Piers was the result. Unfortunately, his father married a horrific woman named Judith Angwedd and they had a son named Bevan. Judith wants nothing more than to track down Piers and wipe him from the face of the earth before he reaches the King and tries to take her son’s supposed birthright away.
The adventure that Piers and Alys go on is one of extreme fun. The people that they meet along the way - including the “wood people” who live far up in the trees away from man’s world - are just one part of the riddle that was left behind by Piers‘ father on his deathbed, when he tried to convince his son that HE is the rightful heir of his property.
Heartbreak laughter, romance, and an intriguing mystery is offered by this fantastic writer who stepped away from the run-o-the-mill English romance, and added fire to her remarkable story that will keep you interested to the very end.

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