Author: Preston McWhorter

Publisher: Xlibris

ISBN: 978-1-4836-9214-2

I would admit… I was eagerly waiting for this book. Why? Well, I loved the first part and then, it is very rare to find a poetry collection that does not try too hard to ‘rhyme.’ Nothing against employing rhyme as a means to convey thoughts but at times poets use it to just make it more ‘readable’ or ‘marketable’ thereby, compromising on the actual thought which eventually makes the work appear juvenile. Now, this may all be well for poetry that caters to children and thus have to go this way but too much rhyme in adult poetry is usually a big letdown.

Since the poet had refused to fall in the ‘rhyme trap’ in the first part hence, I had high hopes for his second outing as well. Now the big question is whether he lived up to the expectations?

Let us see: While reading this book I also re-read some portions and what I particularly liked was that the writer did not jump on the bandwagon of employing rhyme, wherever it was not necessary. Honesty in his writing and his own firm belief in ‘basic goodness’ oozes out of the words and part of that can be attributed to his taking up issues that plague the world at present. So while on one hand he talks about ‘The Paradox of Life’ then, on the other hand he also talks about ‘Decorum’, ‘Seeds of Corporate Kindness’ and even ‘Karma.’ In short, the poet has tried to touch upon everything that goes around us and has offered possible solutions all liberally dipped in ‘basic goodness.’ The vocabulary employed by the poet is apt, and the end result is that a very potent imagery emerges out of his poetic canvas.

For those who wish to see a better and humane world, this compilation could well be the best take ever attempted, and for those who only wish to immerse themselves in some quality poetry then this one is worth at least one reading; although, I read several of them more than twice! May be the next time the poet can try and write something on poetry-greedy readers like this reviewer and offer holistic solutions for that as well!

But, personal recommendation apart, this is a very worthy compilation; it is a book that needs to be treasured and one day it may even become a treatise of goodness that humans must always aspire for. So do read this one, it is worth the wait, the time and also, the money.

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