Authors: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck
Illustrator: Len DiSalvo
Publisher: Lima Bear Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-933872-04-9

As Queen Belinda’s chariot carried her into the magic garden, she was dazzled by the rainbow of flowers. Oh, Mean ol’ Bean how he did scheme. To be rid of the queen, that was his dream,” Thomas Weck and Peter Weck write and rhyme in their children’s story, The Labyrinth.

Part of the Lima Bear Stories by father and son, this over-sized hardbound book has thirty-two full color pages targeted toward ages five to seven years old. This story is about helping others and dealing with meanness. Illustrator Len DiSalvo has large colored pencil and pastel drawings that cover the pages completely. At the end of the book, there are instructions about before, during, and after reading along with suggested activities such as watching the wind, making a sidewalk maze, understanding word meanings, and word sorting for the advanced reader. Also contained is a page on three additional books in the series.

In this tome, Lima Bear’s cousin, L. Joe Bean, lives in Beandom where King Limalot Bear has no son, only a daughter named Princess Belinda Bean. The king gives the kingdom to her but Mean ol’ Bean wants it all for himself.

In Beandom there is a labyrinth that has a magical flower garden at its center that no one has ever seen. Knowing the new queen loves flowers, Mean ol’ Bean tries day after day to find the garden within the maze, wanting to trick the queen and get her lost there.

When he finds the route in and out by leaving rose petals, he has Queen Belinda follow in her chariot as they enter inside. Unknown to them, L. Joe Bean is behind on his miniature chariot manned by nine bees. The queen loves the garden but a gust of wind comes up and blows the rose petals away so all three cannot find their way out.

L. Joe Bean flies with his bees up above the maze and helps Belinda get out but he allows his bees to sting Mean ol’ Bean on the nose several times and slashes his chariot and coat. Later L. Joe Bean is given a Royal Sword and feels pity on Mean ol’ Bean so makes him promise to leave Beandom.

Although the bear’s tale is cute and charming with its fun after-story activities, a young child may get the wrong impression to harm, mark, or slash an enemy and make them leave instead of welcoming and accepting them with encouragement and forgiveness.

This book was furnished by KSB Promotions in lieu of an unbiased review.

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