Author: Gail Cleare,

ISBN: 978-1-4861-00776-0

Gail Cleare, author of Destined, is a multi-faceted woman. (2017, back cover) She is a photographer, designer, and writer. She has done thousands of reading during her tenure with AOL and in person. She is a farm girl and lives in New England with an array of animals and her husband and family. To learn more about this amazing author please visit her website.

Each chapter is spearheaded by a certain Tarot card and it’s significance to the characters in this novel. This novel opens with a girl fight. Two of the main characters, Emily and Lexi, are having a disagreement about cleaning the bathroom in the art gallery that Lexi owns. Emily has been her best-selling agent and refuses to lower herself to cleaning bathrooms. She walks out and sadly, feels as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. However, she will need to find another soon.

After searching the want ads Emily finds a gallery searching for a manager nearby. She heads over there to meet Henry, the owner. He is an elderly widower man who has travelled the globe and brought back incredible collectibles that he has finally decided to sell. His home and gallery are a street or so over from the main street that Lexi’s gallery is located on, but and up and coming art and dinner district none the same. Henry is a bit of intuit or psychic and he knows when Emily greets him at the door that she is the one to turn his sad life around.

Emily begins to clean and arrange Henry’s items in his shop and he manages to get back to calling his old and regular clients about his collectable books. Together they bond and form a viable business. Emily meets a unique man who she is skeptical about at the first meeting named Tony. However, Tony and Henry have been friends for a very very long time and slowly Emily begins to see Tony in a new light.

As the shop readies for their Grand Opening Emily makes the rounds and meets the owners of the neighboring businesses. These player soon become her fast friends and almost family. Emily has some extra sensory abilities of her own, but she has long since quashed them in order to not sound crazy. Many of the other women she makes friends with all have some of these incredible talents. This creates and even stronger bond amongst them.

Henry and Emily begin to lean on one another for knowledge and business acumen. Henry knows what his items are worth, but prefers to concentrate on the book sales because he is an avid reader. Emily is a good sales person and she can help Henry make a lot of money on his very special items because they are so rare. Tony visits Henry after some time has passed and Emily and he strike up a friendly relationship that Henry has had everything to help along.

This was one of the slickest novels I have had the pleasure of reading. Gail Cleare did a wonderful job weaving the Tarot cards into the fabric of this book. I learned a lot and I am a huge fan of psychics and people who have those incredible abilities. I have had some visions or dreams that became real and this reinforces my desire to develop those skills and put them to good use. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too.

I do not want to tell you everything that happens, that would spoil it for you. Read it, enjoy it. Try to recall the various characters and their occupations and how they fit into the scheme of this plot. For instance, What will become of Henry’s business? Will Emily and Tony become more than friends? What role does the Tarot play in this fun read?