Authors: Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth
Illustrator: Emily Rose Hall
Publisher: Gorgeous Millie, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-615652559

Millie looks at her family and friends who love her and thinks to herself, ‘Everything is already gorgeous,’” Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth write in their children’s book, Introducing Gorgeous Millie.

This unnumbered thirty-eight page letter-sized paperback book is targeted toward preschool to kindergarten age children, especially females. With no profanity or scary situations, it would best be read aloud as there are punctuation errors that may mislead beginner readers. Illustrator Emily Rose Hall’s drawings are softly colored with expressive details that sometime cover the entire page.

In this cute tome, precocious Millie loves being a girl by making her own decisions and having fun. With her mother’s encouragement, she enjoys dressing the way she wants to, even if it means wearing rain boots when it is sunny out with a matching tutu. She is full of expression and excitement.

Her mother calls the child “Gorgeous” every day and whenever she can. Raised to be “gorgeous” in all things, Millie is excited to go shopping for her upcoming birthday party. They both take the bus to the stores, first visiting the bakery.

Picking out the most gorgeous red velvet cupcakes after sampling several, next mother and daughter visit the party favor store where the young child finds a gorgeously cute brown stuffed bunny wearing a pink tutu and tiara. At the store, they also find gorgeous magical colorful wands for their party guests. The final stop is the decoration shop where gorgeous sparkling streamers and shiny balloons are bought.

When the two arrive home, a surprise party awaits the birthday girl. She realizes that all her family and friends are gorgeous too.

At the end of the tale, there is an uplifting note to parents to become part of the “gorgeous movement” to promote positive thinking when speaking to our children, stating that each of us are gorgeous inside as it is a state of mind. The book concludes with a few tips on how and when to tell a daughter she is gorgeous.

Although mainly targeted to girls, the concept of boosting a young one’s self esteem is the main focus and goal achieved in this short story. One hopes a similar book can be directed toward boys to perhaps encourage confidence.

This book was furnished by the authors in lieu of an unbiased review.

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