Author: Gluckman, Michael
Publisher: Light Up Your Life
ISBN: 978-1-4507-2240-7

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Making Your Wisdom Come Alive is divided into two sections. The first, which deals with self-discovery, mainly consists of a series of questions and answers, relating to where you can find happiness (the answer, unsurprisingly, is “inside”), how you can turn suffering into freedom, exploring your own self-nature, and how to recognize and question assumptions. In the second section of Making Your Wisdom Come Alive, Gluckman, with the aid of quotes from a range of sages who lived at different times in different places and cultures, shows how wisdom is reasonable and experiential. In order to encourage the reader to meditate, Gluckman suggests that we read just a little of this section each day, and attempt to come to an understanding of the true significance of the words for our lives. In this way, we should come to grow in our awareness of our own being and happiness.
Starting with an introduction to the Buddhist Masters, who specialize in telling stories, Gluckman proposes that we begin our meditation with self-discovery and not with self-purification. In this respect, he covers the Sutra of Hui Neng; Bankei, The Unborn, which deals with the life and teachings of Zen Master Bankei; the Shurangama Sutra; the Sutra of Flawless Purity; the Zen teachings of Huang Po; and an excerpt from Milarepa, The Song of a Yogi’s Joy. In order that we might approach our essence more closely, Gluckman then takes us through excerpts from the following Hindu masters: Shankara; Nisargadatta Maharaj; Kabir; and Anandamayi Ma. Before exploring aspects of Sufi wisdom, Gluckman provides some quotes from Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu. He then rounds off this section with excerpts from the Christian masters, for which he provides a few guidelines on how to unravel their meaning. Gluckman ends his work with supportive words of inspiration that serve to reinforce the message that he has conveyed throughout the book.
Illustrated throughout with black-and-white photographs of the sages and their works, Making Your Wisdom Come Alive should be a worthwhile investment for anyone who is interested in exploring their full potential as a loving and caring creature of God, no matter who he or she is conceived to be. Ultimately, the true answer lies in self, to which one can only have access if one is prepared to put a great deal of effort into the exercise. As a starting point for those who are interested in exploring their innermost being, Making Your Wisdom Come Alive is an ideal launch pad to growing self-awareness.
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