Authors: Steven B. Green, Dennis LaValle, Chris Illuminati
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 978-1598699105

Click Here To Purchase Assholeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way - and Getting Away with it 

"Egotistical, Repugnant, Enthrallingly Hilarious!”

Okay listen up people – you have to read this book! The second I read the description of A**holeology” (The Science Behind Getting Your Way – and Getting Away with it) I was rapt. Who knew that being an A**hole could be so much fun! Steven B. Green, Dennis LaValle, and Chris Illuminati together cleverly master the art of comedic timing.

I opened the book and began to explore important questions such as (What Makes an Asshole?) (Why Be an Asshole?) And, the all-important question do I (Have what it Takes?) As I am a gal and not a guy, these questions did not really pertain to me – or did they? Now I am truly intrigued so I continue on.

After each chapter, you will read a chapter recap that includes some definitions of vocabulary words straight out of the author’s dictionary. Let me enlighten you with a few of my favorites from chapter two – Debaucherous (Indulging in every way possible; also see: “having fun”) Repartee (A clever retort used when someone hates you) Natural selection (The process in which the weak are picked off and the strong survive)

In chapter seven you will be educated as to how an A**hole should engage with others at such events as weddings, family gatherings, and funerals – yes I said funerals. It is imperative that you read this chapter slowly (give yourself time to soak it all in) if you want to be properly trained in “A**holeology.” Oh, and there is a FAQs section towards the end (an added bonus) you will not want to miss!

A**holeology was not what I expected. Will you find this book in the self-help section? Um…I don’t think so. However, if you have always been somewhat less than assertive, I promise you after reading A**holeology you will find the confidence and empowerment to speak your mind.

Co-author Chris Illuminati, is a frequent contributor to,, The Bachelor, and Penthouse. In a recent interview he said, “Writing a book has always been a goal, although I never would have expected my first one to be about this particular subject! It’s been a great learning process, however, and an encouraging one.” His freelance writing attracted an Adams Media editor who was working with co-authors Steven B. Green and Dennis LaValle. The rest as they say is history.

Steven B. Green is an experienced actor/screenwriter/comedian. He has appeared in musicals and plays off-Broadway, as well as in television shows and commercials.

Dennis LaValle is one of Hollywood’s top acting coaches. His credits include numerous Shakespearean productions. He is best known as the goofy cowboy from the pace picante commercials.

In closing I am going to recommend this egotistical, repugnant, enthrallingly hilarious collection of comedic genius to everyone that knows an A**hole, and of course to those who inspire to be an A**hole!

 Click Here To Purchase Assholeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way - and Getting Away with it